We’re glad you’re here! No matter who you are or where you are on life's journey, you're welcome at Mountainview — to explore your faith, to meet new people, and to strengthen your personal relationship with God. Mountainview CRC is a church dedicated to biblical teaching, compassionate stewardship, and community service. As an enthusiastic community of believers, we seek to serve our Lord and Saviour by REACHING UP to God in worship, REACHING IN to disciple, and REACHING OUT to the community with God's love. 
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Ministry Statement

The Mountainview Christian Reformed Church of Grimsby exists to serve and glorify God through the faithful communication of His Word of life, that we may joyfully worship the God we love, have a strong bond of Christian fellowship within the church, and be equipped for ministry to others. 


  • In the area of Worship, we will gather joyfully in the worship of God to celebrate His grace in ways meaningful to young and old, using the various gifts that are present in our congregation.
  • In the area of Fellowship, we will make a systematic and continuing effort to help every member feel accepted in our church. We will make a special effort to draw in members living on the edges of congregational life, and we will give new members every opportunity to become real partners in our fellowship.
  • In the area of Member Care, we will strive to make our church the healing and caring community the Lord wants it to be. We will develop an awareness of all the special needs of our members and seek to support and integrate anyone with physical, emotional, social, financial, or spiritual needs.
  • In the area of Education/Equipping, we will have a program of instruction for all members of every age group. We will use the best resources and tools to help our people live for Christ thankfully and obediently in all areas of life.
  • In the area of Evangelism, we will reach out into the community with services and programs designed to meet the needs of our neighbours. We will encourage and enable one another to witness.
  • In the area of Social Action, we will help our members become aware of social issues about which our church cannot be silent. We will assist our people to actively promote Biblical justice.
  • In the area of Mission Support, we will seek to be informed about what God is doing in the world through the mission work of His church. We will be faithful in giving prayerful and financial support to our missionaries who have been sent out in the name of our Lord.
  • In the area of Leadership, we will honour, support, and assist all those who are called to lead us. We will encourage every leader among us to develop his or her special gift to lead.
  • In the area of Resources/Facilities, we will be good stewards. We will help our members be faithful in their giving, and we will maintain facilities that are attractive, functional and adequate for our congregation to carry out its ministry and to plan for growth.

Mountainview CRC is based out of the Christian Reformed Church denomination. To learn more, visit www.crcna.org.