First Church building

First Church building. Almost finished ...

Services at Mountainview first began on Sunday June 17, 1962 , serving a largely immigrant community. The first church building, later converted to the Fellowship Hall, was dedicated July 10, 1963 . Completion of the sanctuary was in 1967. For thirty-three years, the people of Mountainview Church and the surrounding community experienced many blessings.

We found spiritual growth, and numerical growth, including a split into two congregations on February 13, 1985 : with Providence CRC moving to Beamsville. We found pastors and leaders to encourage and guide us. We found many joys and sorrows to share.

Then after nearly a decade of once again grappling with the physical pressures of growth, our new worship facility began to take shape across the road in March 1999. Dedication services took place on April 30, 2000 . We stand in awe of the things that happen when it is done... 

New building

Our Church home

Thus the new building was finished and that is where we find ourselves today.  When the building opened, a new cornerstone was dedicated on April 30, 2000 reading: "To the Glory of God".  There had been rumors as the building committee handled the demolition of the old Church that there was a time capsule hidden behind the capstone.  Alas, those rumors proved to be untrue.  However, it was decided that a time capsule be put together and stored behind the new Church capstone to be discovered by future generations.  There it sits to this day.

Throughout our history we have remained a church dedicated to biblical teaching, compassionate stewardship, and community service. In short: Reach UP, Reach IN, Reach OUT.