Colours of Spring

~ The season of color inspiration is often associated with Fall in the radiant colors of the leaves, but consider the spectacular color display that unfolds with Spring. Green is associated with new life, grass and growth. Before the leaves begin to unfold, seeds come out in black balls, unfolding reds, strings of yellow, and every hue of green. Blossoms attract the attention of bees, exploding in purples, whites and pinks. Magnolia blooms weigh down branches, white, pink, and pastel yellow. There are branches that turn a tight prickly purple, and trees that adorn the white of wedding gowns. Spring is the time when the birds are actively attracting their mates, seeking to get noticed and brightening their plumage. The grackles head and neck carry a deep shiny blue against its black body. Warblers come in all kinds of colorful packages; the black throated blue warbler, the yellow warbler with fine red threads bleeding down her belly, the yellow rumped warbler, and the black and white warbler streaking along the trunks of trees in search of food. The Blackburnian warbler has a radiant yellow/orange throat with few comparisons. These birds flit in between the cardinals, blue jays, flickers and Baltimore Orioles. Lawns are overtaken by dandelions, creating a stunning yellow/green contrast. Lilac bushes sprout in light purple, dark purple and white. Then gardeners find themselves inspired by the color they see, and begin planning flower combinations for their front yards, boxes and pots strategically placed around the home. Some have gotten a head start, sinking daffodil bulbs and tulips into the soil only to spring out of the ground and proclaim “Happy 150th Birthday Canada.” Even Lake Ontario has gotten into the color schemes of things with chocolate, white, light blue, dark blue and whitecap frills on top. Spring is a spectacular explosion of color, making all of creation proclaiming glory and praise to its creator God.