Saturday marked the 150th Anniversary of Canada as a nation. I can remember celebrating the 100th birthday of Canada by driving to Montreal with my mom and dad, visiting Expo 67. At the time, 100 years sounded like a huge milestone representing a long time. Now that I’m fifty years older, 150 seems rather young. The United States of America will be celebrating their 241st birthday on Tuesday, July 4th. Put that up against the history of the Protestant Reformation, which is said to have begun on October 31st, 1517. Many of our present nations have only found their identity during the past 500 years, while aboriginal and indigenous people have lived in their respective regions for thousands of years. Anniversaries give us a reason to celebrate and they also invite us to times of thoughtful reflection. In October, different churches and regions will be celebrating the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation and some will engage a time of repentance and confession around the brokenness of the body of Christ, while others will not even know such celebrations are taking place because they only know the structures of the Catholic Church. To commemorate the 150th anniversary of Canada, Mountainview has planted a flag pole on the property, proudly flying the Canadian flag. Thanks to the Facilities Management Committee for making that possible. Many of the founding members of this church have been immigrants from another country and you will often hear in their prayers, gratitude for the freedom this country has given them to practice their faith, build their churches and allow them to construct Christian Schools in these communities. “O Canada, glorious and free.” The invitation and challenge of the gospel is to extend that same freedom of the gospel to others, without impinging or imposing our cultural on their culture. The good news is that there is not a culture, tribe, race, language, or people that the Holy Spirit has not been able to permeate. The good news of Jesus Christ is good news for all. On this 150th anniversary celebration of Canada, we celebrate with the rest of this beautiful nation, and pray with all “God keep Our land, glorious and free.”