Lent is Coming

Wednesday is not only the beginning of March, it also marks the beginning of Lent. Lent is a period of forty days counted off before the week of Passion, otherwise known as the Holy Week. Lent is celebrated by most Anglican, Lutheran, Eastern Orthodox, Methodist and Roman Catholic Churches around the world. A number of Evangelical and Reformed Churches have also picked up the practice. Prior to Lent, some countries engage in a period of carnival. Lent starts with Ash Wednesday, where people are invited on a journey of reflection, repentance, fasting, self denial and prayer, leading up to the celebration of Good Friday and Easter. The Grimsby ministerial comes together during this season, responding to that same call, and for forty days, they act as one church. People are invited to a noon hour worship service every Thursday, at St. John’s Presbyterian Church, our most centrally located facility. We have decided to unite our hearts around the Psalms, and on March 2nd, we’ll be lead by St. John’s Presbyterian, focusing on “repentance”. On March 9th, Mountainview will be the lead church, in “prayer.” On March 16th, it will be St. Andrews Anglican Church, drawing from Psalm 119 on “knowing God’s Word”. On March 23rd, Mountainview will have another turn, addressing “faithfulness” and on March 30th, Lakemount will lead the service on “hope”. St. Joseph’s will take the last Thursday, April 6th and preach on “peace”. After each service the people are invited down stairs for soup and buns. Along with the end of winter, and the coming of spring, comes a liturgical walk towards the cross, and the celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ on Easter Sunday. For many people around the world, this period of Lent is a very meaningful journey of reflection and repentance. We are looking forward to celebrating Holy Week and Easter Sunday on April 16th, but there is still time in-between. And a gift from the local ministerial is to take this time as “one body,” in reflection and repentance, coming to our risen Lord as one.