Precious Gift of Time

Last night we lost an hour. We moved from Standard Time to Day Light Savings Time, extending the daylight in the evening hours, while prolonging sunrises with another hour of darkness. There may be people coming to church, just in time to receive the Benediction. Loosing an hour can make a big difference and I would not be surprised to catch a few people nodding with their eyes closed, agreeing with everything said. There are other ways in which we lose an hour or two. Some people can lose hours in their hobbies, whether that be quilting or fishing, birding or biking. Where did the time go? This past Wednesday some people lost an hour on the free way, when the wind blew the Burlington Skyway shut, as well as the St. Catharines Bridge over the Welland Canal. It’s easy to lose an hour gaming on the computer, or watching too much sports on T.V. I would hate to add up the hours I’ve spent watching sports. The same could probably be said for watching the news. You’d think it would be enough to read the morning paper, watch the six o’clock news, check out C.B.C., the Washington Post, BBC and the NY Times on line, just in time for 10 o’clock for any breaking news. How much time do we lose watching sitcoms, game shows, television drama’s, movies, and the like. Face book has a way of eating our hours as well. The older we get, the more conscious we become of the hours we have left. Last night we may have lost an hour, but if that’s the only hour we lose in a day then we’re doing pretty good. One of the most precious gifts God has given each of us is time, and He invites us to use it wisely. Spending time with him, spending time with each other, spending time with family and friends. As the daylight hours have been extended, you might want to reclaim that hour, by taking a walk, making a visit, meeting up with a friend or inviting someone over for a chat. Reclaim that early morning darkness for quiet time with the Lord, waking up with the sunrise to a glorious new day. Lets make good use of that extra hour and see how this expanding daylight actually saves time.