The transformation of the newness of life

Spring has sprung. Forest coverings have begun pushing their way through decomposed leaves, revealing lush clumps of green and dainty purple and yellow blooms. Tips of dead branches are swelling with red tumors of growth, packing seeds and leaves that will soon canopy the entire province. Keep your eyes peeled for returning guests from the South. I’ve seen my first Kingfisher. Blue headed grackles have ganged up on our feeder. Nut-hatchers are nesting in knolls. Canadian Geese have paired up and staked out their territories while incubating their flock. Robins are building maternity wards on light fixtures, tree branches and drainage pipes. This week I found myself surrounded by dozens of little kinglets. Their green, brown and grey feathered bodies flit and flutter so quickly, they’re tough to pick up. But then they flash a thin gold stripe on their crown, with a tiny orange dot at the end, making them seen. Red breasted mergansers are crooning in their courtship, dancing to catch their mate. Shovellers are in their glory, scouring fields of rain and run off drenched soils. Forty-mile Creek has been transformed into a river, giving rainbow trout ample room to wiggle their way up stream. Don’t let the overcast skies and constant cloud cover fool you. Transformation is happening all around. With April showers, come May flowers. But don’t wait until the sun finally exposes all the changes in full glory, with apple blossoms and peach trees and plum blooms and cherry trees bringing the symphony of spring to its climax. There are changes that grab our attention already here and now that makes creation sing. Much like the early days of courtship, or coming to grow in all the nuances and changes that come with getting to know Jesus personally and experiencing his forgiveness of sins; every day unfolds the newness of life, a new beginning, God’s presence in our midst. As you step outside in the days to come, notice what God is up to, and give God a wink of appreciation and approval at the awesome transformation that is presently taking place.