Transitions, A Way of Life

After fifteen years of faithfully serving members of Mountainview as Office Administrator, Tammy Doxtator is leaving her post for a new job in town. People who phoned Mountainview were always greeted with a warm and friendly voice. Upon entering the facility, Tammy’s face was the first people would encounter and members, new comers, service providers and guests would quickly feel welcomed, heard and directed to the appropriate resources and response. She has seen pastors and staff members both come and go, adapting graciously through change and remaining a constant through all the transitions. She has been a member of Mountainview for forty-five years and knows most everyone, making this move somewhat difficult. She has accepted a position with the Christian Labor Association of Canada, here in the Grimsby office, working full time with benefits as a “Member Care Specialist.” We as a congregation will have an opportunity to thank Tammy on Sunday, July 30th in the morning service of worship. Stepping into Tammy’s vacated position is Karin Terpstra, wife of Kevin Huinink and mother of four children ages, 6 to 12. Karin and Kevin live in Smithville and attend Jubilee. Karin will be serving us during the remainder of the summer. She is a little nervous filling Tammy’s shoes, but when they both realized they were almost the same shoe size, both felt more relieved. H.R. will revisit the position and seek a more permanent replacement come September.