Water is Still Rising

This past winter we did not have a lot of snow. I called it a “running shoe” winter, because there were only a couple of occasions where we needed boots to trudge through the snow. If this winter was a running shoe winter, then this spring could be characterized as a rubber boot spring. There was one week where it seemed like we had a lot of rain, three days running. It reminded us of the Lower Mainland of British Columbia, where that would be called the Pine Apple Express. Warm winds would come off the Pacific Ocean from the regions of Hawaii and dump inches of rain along the North West coast, drenching it for days. Even though we did have a lot of rain during that week, it’s not like we’ve had a lot of rain since, or snow before. Yet the waters of Lake Ontario continue to rise. Lake Ontario flows through the St. Lawrence River and officials are able to control that flow draining out into the Atlantic Ocean. They have held back some of the rising waters, so as not to cause further flooding in Montreal and lower regions along the St. Lawrence River. In the meantime, waters continue to rise. The lower path along forty mile creek is totally under water, as is the Pump House pier. Docks in local marinas are submerged. Toronto Island has a baseball diamond that had carp swimming around the infield, as waters continue to rise. Locals who have lived in Grimsby all their lives have never seen Lake Ontario levels run this high. It’s true that the last couple of years have been rather dry, with water tables low and Lake Ontario on the low side as well. These rains may well have been an answer to prayer, yielding fresh water in abundance. They could also be seen as confirmation of global warming and melting ice caps. Farmers are patiently waiting for the wind and sun to dry up their fields so they can get on their land and plant their crops. Home owners are ready to get their hands dirty and dig in their gardens, purchasing their annuals and perennials. As for the rising waters in Lake Ontario, fish don’t seem to mind. Spring has provided all the ingredients necessary for another summer of growth to begin. Once again, God demonstrates his faithfulness and abundance. It’s been a rubber boot spring, as waters continue to rise.