We’re Still Laughing!

Earlier this year some of us in church watched a set of four videos entitled “Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage.” We were talking about insights gained and Sue said “Take for example, “cooking. You never cook.” And she was right. I don’t remember ever seeing my dad cook and it was true. It was something I never picked up. The next day I went to the Dutch Store in town and picked up a Pea Soup mix and nice piece of sausage. I made the mix, heated and cut up the sausage, and by the time I picked up Sue from work, supper was ready. Never mind the fact that I had more sausage in the pan than soup. The next afternoon was Valentines. I bought some green beans, pealed some potatoes, sliced up some tomatoes and fried them up. I made some red jello, cut out a couple of hearts and an airplane and used whipped cream for clouds, picked her up and shocked her again. I didn’t realize you first had to boil the potatoes before you fried them up, making them a little more crispy than usual. She came home Wednesday evening and sausages boiled and the table was set. Thursday, I followed directions and made two packages of macaroni and cheese. Friday night we finally went out to eat and I proved to myself, there were some things I could still learn. Another week went by without me cooking another meal. But this week I noticed St. Andrews Anglican Church and Trinity United were having pancake suppers for Shrove Tuesday. I went home, looked through the Mol family Cook book and found two recipes for “Dutch pancakes.” One was smaller than the other. I chose the second recipe and proceeded to add all the ingredients, which barely fit into my mixing bowl, so I poured some into another bowl. Everything was ready, when she got home from work. I pulled out the frying pan and started my first pancake, when she said “That’s not the frying pan you want to use, they will stick.” She showed me the smaller pan and before we knew it, she had 12 done. We could sit down and eat. I realized I might be in trouble when only 25 percent of the batter was used. After supper I washed and cleaned up the dishes while Sue continued to bake pancakes. I went to church and called her an hour later, when she triumphantly declared “I’m just finished and now have 42 pancakes for snack. We all laughed. My son took pictures of the story and put in on face book. I think I’m on to something here, realizing that I too can indeed cook, and I’m sure with many more laughs to come. But isn’t that true with anything and every time we try something new.