Kathleen Lauder: 

Kathleen serves as the World Renew Country Consultant in Cambodia, promoting community change in the areas of income generation, agriculture, health and sanitation, environment, peace-building and advocacy, and education.


Colin & Kathleen Wassenaar:

Colin & Kathleen are part of the Engineering Ministries International launch team in Cambodia. Kathleen serves as an engineer, helping design development projects for Christian ministries while Colin serves as a handyman, providing support as needs arise.


Stephanie & Paul van den Bogard:

 Stephanie serves as Director at the Upper Deck Youth Centre, in Vineland. Upper Deck is a drop-in centre for youth in grades 6-12.  A place where young people discover not only we care for them but that Jesus also loves and cares for them and created them for a purpose. Upper Deck is a ministry of Youth Unlimited.


John & Anne Span:

John and Anne served in Egypt and Guinea with CRWM/Interserve". John is a Commissioned Pastor, currently based in Canada completing a PhD in Outreach to Muslims, Anne volunteers as an ESL teacher to new immigrants.


Kevin & Jackie Stieva:

Kevin serves with the Canadian Armed Forces as a Military Chaplain in Ontario, Canada.