Mountainview's Youth ministry provides opportunity for youth to interact and get to know one another while expressing their love for God, exploring the Word of God, growing together in faith, and reaching out.  Mountainview's Youth ministry is for youth from grades 9 – 12.

Youth Group

Youth Group events usually take place twice a month. Recent activities include a rake and run event (raking peoples yard under cover of darkness!), visiting immigrant churches in Toronto and prayer walking in downtown Niagara Falls. These events are scheduled about twice a month and have a dedicated group of leaders who love students!

Faith Instruction

Faith Instruction takes place every Tuesday night, starting in the fall, from 7:00-8:00 p.m. in the education wing of Mountainview. Students meet according to age group and discuss the foundations of the Christian faith.

Youth-Adult Mentoring

We also encourage a youth-adult mentoring program and youth participation in existing programs, to create intergenerational community at Mountainview. Occasionally, youth leaders also meet with students at school for lunch, since for some students, youth group is their only connection to ministry or church.

The Mountainview CRC Youth Facebook page is the most up-to-date place for current event information, current youth ministry trends, parental support, pictures, and any questions.