“He said to them,  ‘Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation’.” Mark 16:15

Stephanie & Paul VandenBogard


Stephanie serves as Director at the Upper Deck Youth Centre, in Vineland.

Upper Deck is a drop-in centre for youth in grades 6-12. A place where young people discover not only we care for them but that Jesus also loves and cares for them and created them for a purpose.

Upper Deck is a ministry of Youth Unlimited

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Kathleen Lauder

Kathleen serves as a Country Consultant with

World Renew in Cambodia, providing leadership to staff and partnering organizations to strategically plan and implement community development projects.

Cambodia: The people of Cambodia have been left with a daunting legacy. Under the Pol Pot regime one-third of its people died, followed by 15 years of civil war. Since 1993, the country has worked hard to rebuild and retrain communities, and restore confidence and trust in leadership. World Renew is assisting in the development process, through training in governance, sustainable livelihood, food security, health and education. We support the local people to make their own decisions and take initiatives that are most important to them.


Kevin & Jackie Stieva


Kevin serves with the Canadian Armed Forces as a Military Chaplain in New Brunswick, Canada


John and Anne Span

-they serve in Egypt with CRWM/ Interserve

John is a Commissioned Pastor, currently based in Canada completing a PhD in Outreach to Muslims, Anne is expanding her ESL credentials.



Colin & Kathleen Wassenaar

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