Pictorial Directory

PICTORIAL DIRECTORY 2017 – This year we at Mountainview church celebrate our 55th Anniversary. It’s time for another Pictorial Directory. 

Be a part of our....... Family Album! We need you to make our directory complete. Photos will be taken at the church on May 29 & 30, and the week of June 12-17. Schedule your portrait session today. Click on the BOOK NOW button below. Follow the easy directions to schedule your portrait session. F A S T • C O N V E N I E N T • E A S Y!

Note: the online system will not be available on Sundays so that paper/pen bookings can be completed and entered. Include your e-mail address when you sign up and you will receive an appointment confirmation along with an appointment reminder. All e-mail addresses are confidential.

Church members who participate in this program will receive a directory free of charge. You will also have the opportunity to order photos for you and your family and friends. Don’t miss out!  You are all members of our congregation and we want to make sure you are included!  If you have any questions or are unable to book on-line, please contact Alice Posthumus at aposthumus@mountainviewcrc.org or call 905-945-0004 x 228.