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E.g., Aug 18, 2017

Title Pastor Date AM/PM
Part 10 Encountering Jesus Pastor Sid Couperus Aug 13, 2017 AM
Part 9 I'm Nameless and I'm Everyone's Name Pastor Fred VanderBerg Aug 6, 2017 AM
Part 8 Imagining Jesus Pastor Sid Couperus Jul 30, 2017 AM
Part 7 Unbridled Love Pastor Sid Couperus Jul 23, 2017 AM
Part 6 Honoring and Dishonoring the Body Pastor Sid Couperus Jul 16, 2017 AM
Part 5 The Power to Change Pastor Fred VanderBerg Jul 9, 2017 AM
Part 4 A Time of Refreshing Pastor Fred VanderBerg Jul 2, 2017 AM
Part 3 The Fellowship of Believers Pastor Sid Couperus Jun 25, 2017 AM
Part 2 A New Way of Thinking Pastor Fred VanderBerg Jun 18, 2017 AM
“Know Fully / Fully Known” Pastor Sid Couperus Jun 11, 2017 AM
Part 1 Winds of Restoration Pastor Sid Couperus Jun 4, 2017 AM
Israel Receives Her Blessing Pastor Sid Couperus May 28, 2017 AM
Jesus Wants a Relationship with You Pastor Fred VanderBerg May 21, 2017 AM
Still Fishing Pastor Sid Couperus May 14, 2017 AM
Believing is Seeing Pastor Fred VanderBerg May 7, 2017 AM
Love Overflows Pastor Sid Couperus Apr 30, 2017 AM
Woven in God’s Love Seminarian Josiah Youngquist Apr 23, 2017 AM
The Paradoxes of Christ Accomplished Pastor Sid Couperus Apr 16, 2017 AM
This is Jesus: King of the Jews Pastor Sid Couperus Apr 14, 2017 AM
A Lowly Donkey Carries the Greatest King Pastor Fred VanderBerg Apr 9, 2017 AM
To Be Great You Must Serve Pastor Sid Couperus Apr 2, 2017 AM
The Last Shall be First and The First Shall be Last Pastor Fred VanderBerg Mar 26, 2017 PM
Gain the World, Lose Your Soul Pastor Sid Couperus Mar 26, 2017 AM
The Least Shall be the Greatest Pastor Sid Couperus Mar 12, 2017 AM
Lose Your Life to Find I Pastor Sid Couperus Mar 5, 2017 AM