Mountainview Conversations: On behalf of Council, the Education Ministry Team is putting together a couple of evenings a year to discuss topics that effect members of our congregation and the community. The discussions are being shaped to enhance our understanding of biblical truths and to assist us in walking along side our fellow brothers & sisters in Christ.

These discussions are not to challenge the truths that the bible teaches, but to better understand them and live them out in ways that show God’s love and grace. When Jesus met with his disciples to celebrate the Lord’s supper he gave them a new command “to love one another as I have loved you.” (John 13:34) It is in this spirit that we are moving forward.

The first topic will be Same Sex Attraction

The April 8th 10 am service will have a message on “Same Sex Attraction and the Body of Christ” and in place of the afternoon service we will listen to an address from Mary S Hulst Calvin College Chaplain, Adjunct Professor. After the message we will have opportunity to discuss what we’ve heard in round table settings. 

In the future we will tackle other “topics of the day”. If you have a topic you would like discussed, please let a member of the Education team know.