ALPHA: Facilitator Pastor Sid

This small group is for those who are new to the Christian faith and want to learn more about the teachings of Christianity. It is for those who are exploring what Christianity is all about. It is for those who feel called to walk along side with those who are new to their faith or those who are exploring what Christianity is all about. We meet on Thursday evenings, starting on October 4th. Our gatherings start with sharing a meal, we watch a video, talk about the teachings presented and pray together. This is a great group in which to learn, to meet others who are new to their faith, some who are asking questions and some who are mature in their faith. Deep friendships are formed. Life is better connected.

BOOK CLUB: Facilitator Liz Meijer

The Mountainview Book Club meets every six weeks from September till May. Our meetings are held in the church library on Sunday evenings from 7:00 till about 8:30. The books are selected from recommendations made by members and if possible from book bag kits available from the Grimsby Public Library or the Hamilton Public Library. Most of the books are novels, and we do try to vary the type of books we use. Members take turns leading the meetings and also providing refreshments. This is a great group in which to meet new people and get to know better those you already know. Life is better when connected.


We meet every Tuesday morning at the church, gathering from 9:30 to 11:00. Child care is provided for infants and toddlers. An excellent Story Hour is available for children ages 4 and 5. Women, young and old, from Mountainview church community, from other church communities and women unconnected to a church participate. We sing together, we break into small groups and discuss a Bible passage or biblical theme, we share and we pray. This is a group in which you will meet new women, make new friends, have the opportunity to support others and be supported. Life is better connected.

EVENING COFFEE BREAK: Facilitator Alice Gerritsen

This group is open to all women who would like to participate in the Coffee Break program but cannot because of work commitments. We meet on Wednesday evenings, at the church, starting at 7:15. Our meetings include times of socializing, sharing, Bible study and prayer. The resource which is used to guide our Bible study is still to be determined. This too is a great group in which to meet new people, to deepen friendships and to be spiritually encouraged during the midweek. Life is better connected.

GRIEF SHARE: Facilitators Mireille Vermeer & Donna Feddema

This is for persons who are grieving the loss; of a loved marriage partner, of a dear child. This loss may have been recent. Or, this loss may have occurred years ago but you have never grieved. We gather, beginning in November, every week, on Tuesday evenings. We meet in the Fireside room at 6:45, starting with refreshments and socializing. We follow a structured curriculum, written by professional counsellors. Their insights are supplemented and enriched by the stories and experiences of those who are participating. We hold each other up through words of prayer and encouragement. The sessions end in the month of February. In this group, you will befriend persons who share your experiences of grief and loss. Being connected, your grief will become a bit more bearable.

MEN’S LIFE: Facilitator Pastor Jim Van Weelden

As the name indicates, this group is for men. We meet every Saturday morning, at the church, in the Fireside Room. This year we are beginning with a study of the Sermon on the Mount, as recorded in the gospel of Matthew, starting at the 7th chapter. The morning gathering includes times of socializing, Bible study and prayer. In this group, you will meet and befriend new men. Or, you will deepen friendships with men you have known for a long time. Either way, you will be blessed. All men are welcome. Life is better connected.

PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB: Facilitator Corinne Bosch

If you love photography, we have a small group for you. This group meets once a month, beginning in September, on Monday evenings in the Fireside Room. "What’s in My Bag” is the theme of this year’s series for the Mountainview Photo Club. Join us as we delve into how we equip ourselves, both as Christians and photographers. What do we pack in our bags and how do we arm ourselves in this world? Come and find out for yourself. This is a great group in which to discover and delight in the gifts that God has given to others and to you. Life is better when connected.

PRAYER WALK SMALL GROUP: Facilitator Jane De Visser

As this small group walks through neighbourhoods of Grimsby, led by the Spirit, we pray for the people and the goings-on in the neighbourhood. We walk on the first Saturday of the month; whether it is raining or the sun is shining. Some of us walk, those who are not able to walk, drive along in a car. We meet at the church or at Tim’s across from Coles. We begin at 8:30 and walk for an hour. If you join us, God will use your prayers to bless people and their activities in the neighbourhoods of our town. You will be blessed. Again, life is better connected.

WALKING SMALL GROUP: Facilitator Harry Kort

We walk, and as we walk our bodies become healthier. As we walk, we talk and our souls become healthier. We gather every Monday and Thursday, starting on November 2. We gather at 10 o’clock in the Beamsville Arena. We start with sharing a biblical insight or a Bible passage. Then we walk. As we walk, we are encouraged to reflect or talk about the passage. Again, this is a group in which you will meet new people and deepen friendships. There is an added health benefit. This is a great group in which to meet new people or to meet people you have known for a long time in a new way; sharing your story and hearing their stories, being supported and giving support. Life is better when connected.

+65 GROUP: Facilitators: Jerry & Alice Gerritsen and Gerry & Pauline Bijsma

This group is open to those who are over 65 years of age. We meet on the second Thursday of every month, starting in the month of October and finishing in May. Our season begins with enjoying a lunch together at a restaurant. At our meetings, we invite speakers or people come in and do a presentation on something that interests most of us. During the Christmas season, we enjoy a potluck supper together. We finish the season with a barbecue. In your years of retirement, this is a great group in which to make new friends and enrich long time friendships. Life is better when connected.

SMALL GROUP: Facilitators: Tim & Elisabeth Eggink and Ryan & Rachel Kleefman

We are interested in exploring the theme of evangelism; how to reach out appropriately and effectively in Canada, in 2017. We meet bi-weekly on Sunday evenings, starting at 7:30. The group will determine whether we meet on the 1st and 3rd, or on the 1st and 3rd Sundays. We rotate through the participants to lead our discussions.

SMALL GROUP: Facilitator: Pastor Fred

This group is ready to welcome you as a new member. We meet monthly, the Friday (before the 4th Sunday of the month), in the church’s Fireside Room. This year, we are using a book written by Craig Barnes as our resource. The book is entitled, Yearning – Living Between How It Is & How It Ought to Be. In this book Craig writes that we were not created to be whole or complete; that much of our pain and disappointment come from having wrong expectations of the gospel and of life. Maybe he’s right. We’ll talk about it. This too is a great group in which to be make friends and deepen friendships. We socialize, we laugh and we share what’s happening in our lives. Life is better when connected.

SMALL GROUP: Facilitator Art Koornneef

This small group meets every other Monday evening in the church’s Fireside Room. They gather together and discuss the past Sunday morning’s sermon. They listen to one another, share what’s-going-on in their lives and pray together. They welcome new people to join them. If you take up their invitation and join them, you will meet new people, enrich friendships and feel that you belong. Life is better connected.

SMALL GROUP ~ ONE IN THE SPIRIT: Facilitators: Jerry & Alice Gerritsen

Last year, this small group studied about prayer. The Bible topic for this year is still being determined. We meet monthly, starting in September, in the homes of the group members. Our evenings include social time, sharing where our lives are at, Bible study and prayer. We have been meeting together for many years, but, we welcome new participants. This is a group in which you will meet new people and/or deepen friendships. Life is better connected.