March 24, 2019

3rd Sunday of LENT


The Spiritual Discipline of Being Grounded”

Mark 5:21-43 NIV

Sermon Outline:

1.       Being grounded is a spiritual discipline rooted in the r_________ of God’s kingdom.

2.       Desperation helps us r_______ out and want to touch and be touched by Jesus.

        Jarius, the Synagogue’s president’s, “Please come and put your hands on her.”
       A woman bleeding for twelve years reached out and touched Jesus.

3.       The reality of Jesus healing power is r___________ in our inner being.

“Immediately her bleeding stopped, and she felt in her body
 that she was freed from her suffering.” Mark 5:29

“At once Jesus realized that power had gone out from him.
“Who touched my clothes?” Mark 5:30

4.       Jesus challenges regular r___________ by asking; “Why all this commotion?”

Jesus reached out and took the girl by her hand and said; “Talitha Koum!”

“At this, they were completely astonished.”

5.       Kingdom Vision has us grounded, r______________ hearts from fear to faith.

Through reading God’s word.

Through the spiritual discipline of journaling.

Through listening, dialogue and prayer.

Sermon Questions:

1.       How do you see the kingdom of God already existing today?

2.       Can you think of a time in your life where you desperately turned to Jesus?

3.       Do you know of anyone who has been physically healed by Jesus?

4.       How have you experienced inner healing of Jesus in you?

5.       Are we still surprised with miracles that happen today?

6.       What is that that you are afraid of, and how can faith in Jesus help you?

7.       In what ways do you feel you have the spiritual gift of being grounded?

8.       Why does Jesus give strict orders not to tell anyone about healings?

Karin Terpstra