December 16, 2018


“Father Christmas Gifts”

Isaiah 35 NIV


Message Notes:


The people of God were exiles living in a foreign land.

1.     It is hard to sing a song when in a wilderness.

a.       God’s people could not sing a song in Babylon.

b.       I did not want to sing a song when in a wilderness of anger.

2.    Isaiah 35 is a song of hope for a people in a wilderness.

a.       The song proclaims a renewed creation.

b.       It proclaims a renewed people.

c.       The song proclaims that God’s people will return to the Promised Land.

3.    Isaiah 35 calls Isaiah and us to minister to the weak and fear filled.

a.       God gives us gifts to do this ministry.

b.       God’s gifts are: God’s Word, the Holy Spirit, trust and worship.


These are the gifts of God for the people of God.

Small Group Questions:

1.       If you have been in a wilderness, share what it was like?

2.       Did you feel like singing?

3.       If for some reason you started singing, share what happened.

4.       What does Isaiah 35 say about the creation and about people?

5.       What does Isaiah 35 promise God’s people?

6.       Did this promise come true? How does this provide comfort for us as we wait Jesus’ return?

7.       Give an example of how God’s Word strengthened you when in a wilderness.

8.       Give an example of how the Holy Spirit encouraged you when filled with fear.

9.       How has the gift of trust helped you when filled with fear?

10.   How has the gift of worship blessed you?

Karin Terpstra