April 14, 2019

6th Sunday of LENT


The Spiritual Discipline of Waking up to God”

John 12:12-24 NIV

Message Outline:


Will we wake up to God this morning?

1.       Who is this person riding into Jerusalem orchestrating his death?

a.       Is he someone who is mentally unstable?

2.       The person riding into Jerusalem orchestrating his death is God/Jesus.

a.       “The Word was with God and the Word was God.” (John 1.1)

b.       Throughout the gospel Jesus claims equality with God.

c.       “I and the Father are one.” (John 10.30)

3.       Why is God/Jesus doing orchestrating his death?

a.       To keep God’s promises,

b.       To do what O.T. Israel could not do,

c.       And to defeat Satan, rulers, authorities and the powers.


This morning we wake up to see a God of love.


1.       Share a time when you woke up to God.

2.       Do you think that Jesus was aware of his destiny? If you think this, was he aware of his
destiny from the start?

3.       When told that Lazarus was sick, why did Jesus remain where he was for two days?

4.       What happened after Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead? (read John 11.45-53)

5.       Why did Jesus ride a donkey into Jerusalem? Give a number of answers.

6.       The gospel according to John emphasizes that the Father and Jesus are one, a unity. If
this is true, and it is, who is riding the donkey into Jerusalem?

7.       Who is dying on the cross?

8.       Why did Jesus die on the cross? (talk about the three reasons that our pastor gives)

9.       What kind of God do we see in riding on a donkey and hanging on a cross?

Karin Terpstra