September 9, 2018


“We are a Community of Believers”

Ephesians 4:1-16

Message Notes:

1.       Paul urges believers to live a life worthy of their c________.

2.       There is a divine unifying influencing power in the c_________.

3.       In The Power of the Other Cloud writes four corners of c______________.

a)       The Disconnected, No Connection, isolated, stuck in a c__________.  

b)      The Bad Connection, pulls towards voices with a c________ tone.

c)       The Pseudo-Good Connection, offers temporary c__________.

d)      The True Connection is found in the other and c_______________.

4.       Speaking the truth in love, believers grow in C________;

a)       accepting you for who you are.

b)      Encourage authenticity in your day to day walk.

c)       Hold you accountable in your ways. 

d)      Affirm you in all your gifts

e)      Encourage your attitude to be like that of Christ.

Small Group Questions:

1.       Have you ever thought of belonging to a church as a “calling?”

2.       How does Paul’s instructions of behavior differ from today’s church culture?

3.       How do you experience divine powers of unity keeping church together today?

4.       Have you ever felt disconnected or isolated in a church community?

5.       Can you identify bad connections, critical voices or negative spirits?  

6.       Do you recognize a pseudo-good connection that offers you comfort?

7.       Who are people in your life that have filled you with connection?

8.       How have people in your life built you up in love of God and self?

9.       What steps can you take to strengthening your connection with others?

Karin Terpstra