March 4, 2018


"Woman, Behold, your Son. Behold, your Mother"

John 19:25-27 NIV

Message Outline:

1.  This is more than Jesus being sad leaving relatives behind.

2.  This is more than Mary, the mother of Jesus being burdened.

3.  Jesus calls her woman, restoring his curse to a blessing.

Genesis 3:15, 16.

Revelations 12.

4.  This is more than John being the disciple Jesus beloved.  

5.  Jesus prepares his family members and disciples as his bride.

Matthew 12:46-48

Revelation 21:9

6.  Jesus further isolates himself, becoming our sacrifice with his blood.

7.  The apostle John discovers Jesus as having been before the beginning.

John 1:1-4

Small Group Questions:

1.  Have you ever experienced a loved one drawing their last breath?

2.  Do you carry the sorrow of having lost a daughter or son?

3.  How does the death of Jesus fulfill the curse God gave the serpent in Genesis 3:15?

4.  Read Revelations 12 and see how “the woman” is protected from the dragon.

5.  How do you see the serpent continuing to wage war against the woman’s seed?

6.  Have you ever been anyone’s favorite child, or best friend, or most beloved?

7.  How does it strike you to hear that you are the bride of Christ Jesus, our Lord?

8.  How does Christ’s sacrifice on the cross strengthen your journey through Lent?

9.  How have you experienced the “Word became flesh?” from John 1:14

Karin Terpstra