November 4, 2018


“Gluttony: Feeding your Stomach and Starving Your Soul”

Matthew 4:1-4; Philippians 3:17-21

Message Notes:

1.  Gluttony seems like the least pretentious of the seven deadly s______.

 Envy, Sloth, Greed, Anger, GLUTTONY, Lust and Pride

     Gluttony is a huge challenge living in a culture of excess and s_________.

     Between Canadian and American Thanksgiving we have World Hunger S________.

 2. Gluttony is an inordinate desire for food and drink and s________.

Gluttony has everything to do with s_________ and s_______.

 “Gluttony is no longer eating to live but living to eat.”

 “Their destiny is destruction and their god is their stomach.” Phil.3:19

 3.  Gluttony also includes the overindulgence of toys, television, entertainment, sex, social media, relationships, and anything of excess.

      Gluttony distracts us from nurturing our s___________.

 “When you pray,… when you fast… you cannot serve two masters…” Matt.6:5,16,24

      Gluttony is one who raids the icebox for a cure of nurturing the s______.

 4.  The antidote for Gluttony includes:

a) Love God with all your heart, all your soul and all your s_________. Deut.6:5

b) Temperance, and Moderation, and s_____._________. 1 Corinthians 6:12,13

c) Prayer and s_____________. Matthew 6:11

d) Fasting as a S__________ Discipline. Matthew 4:4

e) Companionship as breaking bread and s___________. Luke 24:30  

Small Group Questions:

1.       In what ways do you see us living as a Gluttonous culture?

2.       Where do you see excess and surplus with food?

3.       What does a typical Thanksgiving or Christmas Dinner look like for you?

4.       Can you think of a time when you were really, really, hungry?

5.       What food or drink commercial do you remember the most?

6.       In what way does Gluttony distract us from our relationship with God?

7.       What disciplines do you have that help you guard against gluttony?

8.       What kind of rituals do you have around food that bless companionship?

9.       What are ways that you could increase hospitality and generosity of food?

Karin Terpstra