December 23, 2018


“Us Lions”

Matthew 3:1-12 NIV

Message Notes:

1.     The infinite Peace of God is different than this world’s f_______ peace.

John the Baptist called people to repentance, seeking f_____________. Matt.3:6

2.    The baptism of Jesus comes with the Holy Spirit and with f______. Matt.3:11

The scene in Narnia at Table Rock has Aslan purchasing Edmond’s f____________.

3.    Jesus’ peace is received through f________, that brings f__________, the Holy Spirit,

and f______-_______. Matt.3:11  

Just as Aslan breathed life back into stone f_________, so Jesus breathes His Spirit into us.

4.    The peace of Jesus equips us for this world’s f_______, and f_____-__________. Matt.3:11

The eternal nature of our battle has us crowned in God’s kingdom f___________. Matt.3:12

Karin Terpstra