June 16, 2019 Message Notes

“What Kind of Deliverer Do We Need”

Judges 16:2-30 NIV

Message Notes:


We all need a deliverer.

1.   God provided a deliverer for Israel.

a.       He was some character.

b.       He killed many more when he died than when he lived.

2. What he the deliverer Israel needed? Is he the deliverer we need?

a.       Samson’s life points toward another deliverer.

3.  Jesus is the deliverer we need.

a.       He is an example to follow.

b.       He reconciles us to God.

c.       He gives us life.


Jesus, together with his church, is the deliverer the world needs.

Small Group Questions:

1.       Where, in your life, do you need a deliverer?

2.       The book of Judges begins with Israel recently settled on the Promised Land inquiring of God. The book ends with God’s people totally lost, everyone doing as they saw fit. How does Samson fit into this?

3.       What kind of person was Samson?

4.       Did he deliver God’s people?

5.       Is he the kind of deliverer that we need?

6.       In what ways did Samson’s life point to Jesus?

7.       In what ways does Jesus’ life provide us with an example of how to live?

8.       How does Jesus reconcile us to God? What does this mean for us?

9.       How does Jesus give us life?

10.   What is the church in the world?

Karin Terpstra