May 20, 2018

BELLS Series - The Five Habits of Highly Missional People

“Listen. Simply Listen.”

Acts 2:38 NIV

Sermon Notes:


Listening involves listening with our ears and our eyes. It involves listening to our feelings.

1.       There is a lot of listening taking place on the first Pentecost morning.

a.       There is the sound of a rushing wind.

b.       People listen to the disciples speak in tongues.

c.       Peter invites the people to listen.

2.       Peter listens and addresses the people in the crowd.

a.       He informs them of who it was that did signs and wonders among them.

b.       He reminds them that Jesus was handed over to them and that they killed him.

i.         The people in the crowd are cut to the heart.

3.       In response to the question, “What should we do?” Peter tells the people to:

a.       Repent – change from moving away from to moving towards God;

b.       Be baptized – dying to one’s desires and live following the ways of Jesus;

c.       Receive the forgiveness of sins – forgiveness gives life;

d.       Receive the gift of the Holy Spirit – the Holy Spirit guides us.


When we listen, simply listen, the Holy Spirit will guide us.

Small Group  Questions:

1.       Pastor Fred said that listening is hearing. Listening is listening with one’s eyes. Listening is listening to one’s feelings. Are there other ways of listening?

2.       Many people in the crowd that Peter addressed were from Jerusalem. It had been a number of weeks since Jesus had been killed and raised from the dead. Some of them may have been at the crucifixion scene. Do you think that the wonders that Jesus had done and the events surrounding his death were still on the people’s minds and in their conversations?

3.       Peter reveals Jesus as the Christ – the Anointed One, and as Lord. What is the significance of each title?

4.       What does it mean to repent?

5.       Is it true that we create busy lives, at least in part, to keep God at a distance?

6.       In solitude with God, we learn how to stop consuming people to truly care for them. What does this mean? Is it true?

7.       In solitude we learn to behold beauty and see the quiet miracles unfolding around us. What does this mean? Is it true?

8.       In solitude with God we hear God’s call on our lives. Is this true?

9.       How does life stop when there is no forgiveness?

10.   Share ways in which the Holy Spirit has guided you.

Karin Terpstra