January 21, 2018



“Gratitude ... Taking Nothing for Granted.”

Message Outline

Luke 17.11-19


All of my life I have been responsible and obedient.

1. The 10 lepers were obedient.

a. They stood at the appropriate distance.

b. As told, they went to show themselves to the priest when nothing had changed.


2.One leper was not obedient.

a. When he was healed, he did not go to show himself to the priests as told.

b. He retraced his steps to Jesus, falling at his feet and giving thanks.


3. Ten lepers are healed: one leper was made whole.

a. Literally, the Greek word translated as well means whole.

b. A faith filled with gratitude made him whole.



A faith filled with and expressing gratitude

 - when successful, failing and all the times between

 - makes us whole.

Small Group Questions:

1. It is said that being responsible and obedient is a characteristic of the oldest child. In your experience, is this true?

2. Maybe you are one of those who have been responsible and obedient all your life. Do you sometimes feel as if you may have missed something?  If yes, what do you feel you may have missed?

3. How do we know that they 10 lepers in the story are obedient lepers? Why are they obedient?

4. Imagine you are one of the 10 lepers. When you discovered that you have been miraculously healed, what would you have done; go to the priests or go back to Jesus?

5. Judging by Jesus response, we may assume that Jesus was pleased with the leper who returned giving thanks. What does this tell us about Jesus, about God?

6. What is the difference between being made well (your faith has made you well) and being made whole (your faith has made you whole)?

7. When you are enjoying success, when lying in bed at night or walking alone, what often receives the most attention?

8. How does giving thanks to God and to others place your success in a healthy perspective? How does this make you whole?

9. When you deal with a failure or tragedy, what often receives the most attention?

10. How does remembering and giving thanks to God place your failure or the tragedy in a healthy perspective? How does this make you whole?

Karin Terpstra