February 17, 2019


“A Restoration of Communion”

Mark 1:35-45 NIV

 Sermon Outline and Questions: 

1.       Mark recognizes Jesus need for s___________ and s_____________.

a. How much time do I spend in silence and solitude listening to my s______?

2.        The leper wanted to be healed from his disease, so he could again s__________. 

a. What am I s_______ enough of, to tell Jesus He could heal me if he wanted?

3.       Jesus had compassion on the leper, healed him and made him clean.

a. What in my life does Jesus need to heal and make clean?

4.       Jesus warned him not to tell anyone, go to the priest and offer s__________.

a. How do I give testimony to the goodness of God’s teachings?

5.       Jesus stayed outside in lonely places so he could listen to his s_______.

a. What could you do to s______________ times of solitude and silence?



Karin Terpstra