May 19, 2019

“A Surprise Accompanying Suffering”

Message Notes:

Introduction: Why do we do it?

1.       We go camping in the rugged terrain to…

a.       Find God,

b.       Find the person(s) we love,

c.       And to find ourselves.

2.       Do we find God in the rugged, spiritual terrain of our lives?

a.       Pride prevents us from finding God.

b.       Humility enables us to find God.

3.       To find God in a time of crisis we are encouraged to…

a.       Look around and discover that the crisis we are in is common to humanity.

b.       Pray in a spirit of humility.

i.      God answers these prayers.

Conclusion: In a spirit of humility, suffering produces perseverance and perseverance produces character and character produces hope.


1.       Do you or did you regularly camp?

2.       Do you go into a rugged landscape, do you go camping to find God, to find the person(s) you love and to find yourself?

3.       Share a time when you were in a crisis, when you were travelling across a rugged, spiritual terrain.

4.       Did you find God in those times?

5.       Sometimes, when in a time of crisis, we cry out asking God, Why? Is this a cry from a place of pride?

6.       When in a crisis, we are encouraged to look around. When we look around, what do we discover?

7.       In a spirit of humility, when in a time of crisis, we are encouraged to pray. What do we pray for?

8.       Share how you have seen or experienced these prayers being answered.

9.       How does suffering produce perseverance?

10.   How does perseverance produce character?

11.   What did you learn about the Jack Pine?

12.   What does love motivate us to do? 

Karin Terpstra