March 11, 2018


“Will God Forsake You? ... Me?”

Mark 15:16-34

Message Outline:


Will God forsake me?

1. Did God forsake Jesus when hanging on the cross?

a. It is possible that Jesus felt forsaken by God.

2. God did not forsake Jesus.

a. God does not forsake the righteous (Psalm 34.17, 37.28)

i. Jesus was righteous.

b. The cry, “My God! My God! Why…” was quoted from Psalm 22.1.

i. Verse 24 proclaims that God does not despise the afflicted.

ii. God hears their cry.

3. Jesus’ righteousness is placed on all believers (2 Cor. 5.21)

a. God will not forsake the righteous.

Conclusion: God will not forsake you/me.

Small Group Questions:

1. Was there a time in your life when you did not feel God’s presence, that you felt forsaken by God?

2. When did you first read the poem, “Footprints in the Sand?”

3. Did the words of the poem comfort you?

4. Considering everything that happen – betrayal, denial, desertion, people shouting, “Crucify him,” the pain and the darkness – is it possible that Jesus felt forsaken by God?

5. Read Psalm 34.17 and Psalm 37.28 - 29. What do these verses say about God’s response to the righteous?

6. Read verses 6-8 of Psalm 22. How do these verses point to the cross scene?

7. Read verses 14-15. Again, same question: How do these verses point to the cross scene?

8. Read verses 16-18. How do these verses point to the cross scene?

9. Read the 1st verse and 24th verse of Psalm 22. Did God forsake the person crying, “My God! My God! Why…?”

10. According to the above verses, did God forsake Jesus?

11. Why was Jesus, who had no sin, made to be sin for us?

12. Because we are righteous through Jesus, God will never forsake us. How does this comfort you?

Karin Terpstra