November 25, 2018

Message Notes: 


When is a person considered to be middle age?

1.       King David is middle age.

a.       He has accomplished a number of life’s goals.

b.       His success had gotten to his head.

i.         Middle age is a risky time.

2.       Pride causes a person to do foolish things.

a.       Pride made King David do a foolish thing.

b.       Pride has no place for God.

i.         God sent Nathan to bring King David to remorse.

3.       Humility causes a person to do good things.

a.       Recognizing that:

i.      We are creatures,

ii.      Our gifts and skills are from God,

iii.      Timing is the work of God and

iv.      That others contribute to our successes makes us humble.

b.       Humility makes a person wise.


Wisdom causes the creation, relationships to flourish and life to bubble with joy.

Small Group Questions:

1.       When is a person middle age?

2.       The text says that it was spring time, the time that kings go to war. What do you think this means?

3.       Why do you think King David did what he did with Bathsheba?

4.       Is middle age a risky time? What makes this stage of life risky?

5.       Is pride a challenge in your life?

6.       What was God purpose for sending Nathan to King David?

7.       What does this tell us about God?

8.       What is the opposite of pride?

9.       Acknowledging four things keep a person humble. What four things were mentioned by our pastor? Talk about each one.

10.   How does wisdom cause the creation and our relationships to flourish?

Karin Terpstra