February 18, 2018


“Father, forgive them,

for they do not know what they are doing?”

Luke 23:26-34

Message Outline:

1. As the nails were pounded into his flesh, Jesus uttered a p________. 

2. Betrayed, deserted and crucified, Jesus asked that people be p__________.  

3. His prayer of intercession on the cross is p___________.

Isaiah 53:12 John 1:29 Luke 6:32-36

4. Jesus offers the prayers of a high p_______.

Hebrews 4:14-16

5. Knowing what you are doing brings you to doing p___________.  

6. The punishment that isolates Jesus, brings us p__________.

Questions and Answers:

 1.       How does the season of Lent help your faith life?

2.       What other responses could Jesus have given when being crucified?

3.       How does asking Jesus for forgiveness strengthen your relationship with him?

4.       What examples in our world today could use “forgiveness” as a solution?

5.       Reading Hebrews 4:14-16, What does Jesus as your high priest do for you?

6.       How does the act of repentance grow your relationship with Jesus?

7.       How does the isolation of Jesus give you further peace?

8.       How can you pass the peace of Jesus to those who don’t know him yet?

Karin Terpstra