September 2018 Highlights

Full Council ~met September 6th and they and staff would like to share the following highlights for the month of September …

Christine Winter provided an update on her work in Children’s ministry which included a report of the results of the summer camp, and the relationships built and strengthened with the children who attended and their families. 550 spaces were filled by 286 different kids. Roughly 65% of those are from the community. This summer we employed two lead counsellors, thirteen group/special needs counsellors and three junior counsellors. Eight of those youth are members of Mountainview church. We also provided Leader-in Training opportunities for 19 other Junior Youth. Raising up student leaders is a big investment. Kids camp gives us the opportunity to train, encourage and empower youth to become the leaders and influencers they have the potential to be. We are investing in the next generation.

Kids@Mountainview (252 Kids and Little Lambs) launched their new season September 9th and Christine was delighted to report that she had all her volunteers in place. She was thanked for her work and a prayer of blessing was offered.  

Janice Schwanz provided an update on her work in Youth Ministry. The curriculum for Middle School and Youth has been planned out through April 2019, as Janice prepares for her upcoming maternity leave (Due end of October). Brandon Vermeer has been hired to give leadership in Janice’s absence. Ten students came out for the Middle School kick off, and 9 students came out for Youth. 6 of our students joined a September 23rd Classis Niagara Sports day with 70 kids from six youth programs. Youth and Middle School meet the second and fourth Sunday of the month from 5-7. 12 students and 3 leaders have signed up for the Puerto Rico mission trip during spring break in March 2019.  Janice was thanked for her work and a prayer of blessing was offered. 

Cadets began the year with a Bonfire and games on Sept 17th, a great evening was had by all. On September 24th they had 30 boys come out. With 8 counselors and 3 junior counselors, making 7 cadres, they have a really good balance of Cadets to Counselors. Also have Head counsellors Greg Van Geest and Gerry Bijsma, who float around and help as needed. They are excited to begin and are in excellent shape for the year.

GEMS is also off to a great start with a campfire kickoff on September 26th.   They have 10 counselors, 1 Junior counselor (some part time) leading the gang- with Carrie Heidbuurt and Leigh-Ann Heinen in the coordinator roles. Currently they have 50 girls signed up for GEMS!  They are planning to have prayer pals again this year, so ladies, watch for the announcement and sign-up to journal with a GEM!  GEMS could also use some help leading "crafts" and badge option nights, so if you’re a crafty person (male or female) give Carrie a shout.  

Alice Posthumus spoke on her work with various Ministries to provide resources, support and promotion to help them grow and succeed.  Worship planning is taking place for Thanksgiving and Advent and mapping out the first half of 2019. As programs begin, time is being spent making sure all our volunteers are compliant with our Safe Church Policy. She and Joanne Koornneef attended the Safe Church Conference in Grand Rapids, on September 19th – 21st. Her organizational skills are being put to good use as we continue to transition through the re-structure process. Alice was thanked for her work and a prayer of blessing was offered. 

Pastor Fred has been working for ten months preparing for a Cluster Group Launch using the ALPHA video series. On September 30th, 180 – 200 people came together for the opening kick-off, meeting new people in the congregation and their small groups. Pastor Fred has also been providing Pastoral Leadership in complicated circumstances. Pastor Fred was thanked for his work and a prayer of blessing was offered.

Pastor Sid presented the Fall preaching schedule, working through our vision statement; “a Community of believers being transformed by the love of Jesus, bringing hope, healing and good news in a broken world” in the month of September. During the months of October and November he will preach on the Seven Deadly Sins; a Journey of Courageous Introspection and Amazing Grace. They include Envy, Sloth, Greed, Anger Gluttony, Lust and Pride. The Advent Series this year may have a C.S. Lewis “Narnia” theme, inspired by September’s issue of Reformed Worship. Faith Instruction began on September 18th, with Tony Kamphuis teaching grades 9 and 10 (8 – 10), and Pastor Sid teaching grades 11 and 12 ((8 – 10) on Tuesday evenings. Pastor Sid was thanked for his work and a prayer of blessing was offered.   

Transitions toward the new organizational structure of Mountainview continue to progress, and the newly created Administrative Services Team (AST) has now been formed. The team consists of: Peter Westerterp as Chair, Chris Klingenberg, Henry Brons, Jerry Gerritsen, Nick Kiers, Will Klein, Sue Kikkert, Judy VandenBroek, John Bosch, Cinde Draaistra, and Peter Heersink as Council rep.

The Long-Range Planning Committee continues to meet and work on finalizing their final report to Council.

Council approved an updated Safe Church Policy revised and recommended by the Safe Church Committee.

The Council meeting concluded with a ‘closed’ session to review the results of the annual performance evaluation recently completed for Pastor Sid.

On September 26th, an additional council meeting was called to discern next steps around difficult issues of pastoral care. A letter of update and communication will be coming soon. Thank you for your continued prayers, patience and perseverance.    

Next Meetings:  Elders and Deacons meet next on – Thursday October 4th, 2018 @ 7:30 pm

Karin Terpstra