September 2019 Monthly News

September Highlights 

Council Executive met a number of times over the summer and would like to share the following...

Council is pleased to announce that Pastor Fred has agreed to a part-time interim position as we search for a new pastor. Pastor Fred will ensure effective pastoral care ministry is provided through himself, the elders, deacons and pastoral care workers. He will provide support, assistance and training for Council and leadership in the area of pastoral care. He will also occasionally be leading us in worship. We give thanks to God for Pastor Fred and his willingness to serve in this way. Pastor Fred has shared via the bulletin and in a letter in your mail slot, his hours and contact information, should you wish to see him.

Having a Classis Councillor is a requirement from both Classis and CRCNA. Pastor Peter Tuininga from Smithville CRC has agreed to fill that roll for Mountainview.

Sylvia Prins was approved to the serve on the Human Resources Team.

Council Executive approved a motion to disband the Administrative Service Team (AST) and reinstate the three separate committees of Human Resources, Facilities and Finance. They will report to Council Executive.

Council Executive gave direction that the minutes from all ministries and committees pass through the office of the Ministry and Worship Coordinator, so that the lines of communication and information keep flowing smoothly.

Full Council and EMT/DMT met in June & September and would like to share the following...

One year has passed under the new Governance Structure adopted last spring. Council discussed how the year has gone. In order to streamline the decision-making process and reduce the amount of time devoted to business in meetings, Council has reinstated a Council Executive. The team will include Pastor(s), Council Chair, Vice Chair, Clerk, Chair of the Elders and the Chair of Deacons. This will be a temporary measure as Council reviews the governance structure.

Council approved the Executives recommendation that the Ministry & Worship Coordinator attend and take minutes of the Executive meetings; to keep that employee in the know, to receive information and advice, but not to vote.

Pulpit Supply has been filled for the remainder of the year 2019. Council in conjunction with the Search Team is looking at potential Transition or Interim Pastors.

Council accepted and approved a motion to no longer have a weekly second service. We will have some afternoon/evening gatherings throughout the year, i.e. hymn sings, reformations service, etc. Council acknowledged the need to be aware of the different demands and needs of the congregation, but also recognized that the majority of the Congregation has already voted on this issue by not attending.

The membership transfer-in of Chad & Erica Howard and children from Fruitland CRC was received and approved. The Howard family has been worshipping at Mountainview for a few years already and are part of Neighbourhood 3. Samantha Buma attended a council meeting and shared her faith life/ spiritual journey and was approved as a full member at Mountainview.

Council approved the membership transfer out, of David and Julia Scholman to Covenant CRC in St. Catharines; and Audrey Langendoen to Grace CRC, Welland. 

DMT- Refugee Update – DMT have applied for a Refugee family that consists of a mother and 7 children. Everything is in order for them to arrive in February or March 2020.

Deacons had a presentation from Sovann Neth who is taking over from Kathleen Louder, our missionary in Cambodia – He talked about the work World Renew is doing in Cambodia, from teaching proper sanitation practices to setting up schools as well as the challenges of being a Christian minority in a mainly Buddhist country. An introduction to Sovann was shared via the mail slots.

Council received the resignation of Janice Schwanz as Youth Director. They approved a proposal from HR that Christine Winter would be given hours to oversee Middle School, effective September 15th so that she might start the new season. And Brandon Vermeer would continue in his role as Interim Youth Director at a reduced number of hours that was agreeable with his full-time employment. This proposal would carry through to season end, May 2020, by which time ‘WE’ will have sorted through some of our staffing options and choices.

Next steps were discussed concerning Jonathan Monster. Sentencing is to take place in October. Discussion as to how we will continue to minister to Jonathan while in jail; and what steps will be taken once he has served his time, took place.  The small group that has being surrounding Jonathan will continue to be the conduit to Council and thus the congregation throughout this time. 

Council is also looking for ways to minister to the congregation, to facilitate healing, forgiveness, unity, so that we might grow in relationship with God and one another.

Next Meeting:   Elders and Deacons meet next on – Thursday October 3rd, 2019 @ 7:00 pm


Search Committee Update

Erin Van Driel serves as the Council representative on the Search Committee.  She provides Council members with a timely updates at their meetings.

At our Search Committee meeting last week, committee member Brandon Vermeer led us in an exercise of filtering through the 1,300-name long spreadsheet of CRC pastors. For example, if a pastor has indicated they wish to remain in the USA or that they’re not interested in working in a staff ministry model, then they won’t be a ‘good fit’ for Mountainview and we can most certainly filter out their names. Ideally, the names you as a congregation have already passed along will form part of the group of pastors that we need to look at more closely.

An excellent resource available to us from the office of Pastor Church Relations, is the book ‘More Than Just a Search Committee’. Linked on the Home Page of our website at, is a fillable form found in ‘Appendix I’ of this book. It contains a listing of 11 possible ‘responsibilities of a pastor’ and asks the reader to rank them in order of their importance. This form is being provided directly to you so you can share your insights around the priority responsibilities of a pastor. We would like as many Mountainview members as possible to complete this ranking form. (please complete by October 1st) Submitting this document is a way for you to participate directly in discerning a good pastoral fit for Mountainview. It should take 5 minutes or less to fill out, as the idea is not to over think your responses. The online version will be directly submitted to the committee when you click ‘submit’. Hard copies are available at the Welcome Centre. Simply place your completed copy in Henry Koornneef’s mail slot.

In the meantime, you may continue to submit your recommendations for specific pastors at, also include why you believe this pastor would be a good fit for Mountainview.

Please continue to pray that God guides our step and leads us to whom He has already chosen for us. 

An Update from the Ministry & Worship Coordinator

Fall has arrived and with it the new ministry season. Kids@Mountainview began September 8th; Volleyball began Sept 10th; Mission Circle, Evening Coffee Break, Wednesday Prayer Group and the Knitwits began September 11th; Friendship began Sept 12th; Youth and the Book Club began Sept 15th; Tuesday morning Coffee Break began Sept 17th; Middle School began Sept 22nd, Cadets on Sept 23rd, GEMS onSept 25th and the Photography Club begins Sept 30th. All Small Groups will resume meeting this Fall. Not in a group? We’d love to get you plugged in! Just email the Small Group Team at and they will find you a group. Performing Arts presents their Autumn Favourites Trio in Concert on October 5th, featuring our own Katrina DeRoche. And the next session of Grief Share begins November 5th. What a wonderful and amazing opportunities to Glorify, Grow and Go!

Council continues to look for a teacher for Faith Instruction; a leader for the Facilities Management Team; and GEMS and Cadets are still hoping and praying for a few more counsellors to step forward. If these are ways you might be able to use your gifts, contact Alice Posthumus and she will get you connected. The Community Connections Team (Formerly Outreach) is also looking for some additional members. If serving this way piques your interest, please contact Christine Winter.

Annual Safe Church Training took place on Sept 15th and Sept 22nd. Mountainview Church strives to be a Safe Church! We believe that God loves and cares for all his children and that we are responsible for the protection of vulnerable.  We desire to create a safe environment that nurtures worship and spiritual growth. If anyone has a concern or question, please contact any member of the Safe Church Team: Christina Pleizier (289-235-8509); Alice Posthumus (905-945-0004 X 228); Joanne Koornneef (905-980-1347); Janice Schwanz (289-377-8389) Dennis Van Woudenberg (905-818-2093) or Jeff Zondag (905-309-6004). Thank you for your cooperation in making our church as safe as possible.

On the next page you can find a list of the various ministries and whom to contact. 

STAFF and MINISTRY Contacts 2019-2020

– Peter Heersink, Chair
– PJ Vermeer, Vice
– Isaac Van Geest, Clerk
– Adam Bylsma, PMT Chair
– Matt Oliveira, DMT Chair

Pastor – Fred VanderBerg, Pastoral Care
Ministry & Worship Coordinator – Alice Posthumus
Children’s Director – Christine Winter
Youth Director – Brandon Vermeer
Music Directors – Dave & Whitney Rintjema
Office Administrator– Karin Terpstra
Treasurer – Will Klein
Custodians – Cinde Draaistra, Henny White

Archivist – Peter Zwart

Diaconal Ministry
Matt Oliveira, Chair
George Dekker, secretary
Disability Concerns – Eric Heinen
Missionary Connections/ Awareness – Matt Oliveira

Ministry of Service
N#1: Rita Fluit
N#2: Dina Reinders & Nellie Scholman
N#3: Elaine Bergshoeff
N#4: Martha Lammers

Social Justice – Matt Oliveira
CD/DVD Ministry – Clarence Alkema
Funeral Reception Committee – Mary Jane Van Geest

Education Ministry
Staff lead Pastor (Alice)
Kids@Mountainview – Christine Winter (Nursery, First Look, 252 Kids and Middle School)
Resource (Library) – Pauline Smit / Liz Meijer

Youth, YA & Middle School Ministry
Youth Director –Brandon Vermeer
GEMS – Carrie Heidbuurt
Cadets – Greg Van Geest

Facilities Management Team
Chair TBD, contact John Bosch or Chris Klingenberg

FA$T (Finance & Stewardship) Team - Peter Westerterp

Human Resources Team
Chair TBD, contact PJ Vermeer or Sue Kikkert

Men’s Life - Ben Van Hoffen

Pastoral Ministry
Pastoral Care – Pastor Fred
Prayer Ministry – Nancy DeVries, Marg Vermeer
Small Groups – Sigrid Blake

Community Connections Team (formerly Outreach)
Staff Lead Christine Winter - Kids Camp, Jingle Jam, PTO, Serve Sat, Carnival, etc…
Performing Arts @ Mountainview – Peter Biesheuvel
Web – Peter Van Geest / Alice Posthumus
Coffee Break AM – Sue Kikkert, Helen DeGraaf;
Afternoon – Liz Van Ryn;
Evening – Alice Gerritsen
Friendship – Andrea Westra/Cinde Draaistra
Mission Circle – Janny Beck, Betsy Witteveen
Kilean Lodge – Office, Karin Terpstra
Alpha – TBD
Divorce Care – TBD
Grief Share – Mireille Vermeer / Donna Feddema
Welcoming Ministries Team – Isaac Van Geest
Connections Café – Dave DeGraaf
Greeters – Office / Adam Bylsma
Parking – Isaac Van Geest
Ushers – John DeVries
Welcome Centre – Joanne DeVries

Safe Church – Christina Pleizier

Worship Ministry
Staff lead Pastor, (Alice)
Audio Visual – Andrew Winter, Peter Van Geest
Visual Arts – Tilda Dam
Music Director – Dave & Whitney Rintjema

Karin Terpstra