January 2018

Highlights from Council and the Ministry Leadership Team

Council Executive ~ met on January 18th and would like to share the following.…

1. The Long-Range Planning Committee (LRPC) provided an updating report, which included some insight for consideration in the current nomination process.  As shared at the congregational meeting, it is envisioned that in a new structure the role of elders and deacons will focus more on ministering and less on administrative tasks.  This will be considered in discerning required gifts in the current nomination process.  The work of the LRPC will be reviewed for affirmation at the Full Council meeting scheduled for February 8th.

2. The Nomination Committee reported on their plans and work.  A list of nominees will be affirmed for follow up at the upcoming Full Council meeting on February 8th.  Please consider whether you personally have gifts to serve the church in this way and also identify others who you believe have been gifted for this work.

3. The preliminary results of the 2017 budget were reviewed briefly.  FA$T was meeting on the same evening to complete a more detailed review of both giving and expenses.  It was reported that FA$T has agreed to provide Council with advice on the subject of stewardship and available options for budget and offering contributions.

4. Council completed the classical credentials for the upcoming classis meeting and noted the need to identify delegates from Mountainview.

5.  A small group including the pastors and youth elder will intentionally meet in the near future to discuss how best to support our young adults with building community, finding fellowship and opportunities for service.

6. The application for funding from the Canada Summer Jobs Grant in support of our summer camp initiative will be submitted without the required attestation.  The application will be accompanied by an appendix as recommended by the Canadian Council of Christian Charities, Evangelical Fellowship of Canada and as prepared by the Christian Reformed Centre for Public Dialogue.

7. Council previously asked the Education Committee to provide educational opportunities to the congregation on a series of topics beginning with same sex attraction.  Plans are currently being made to deliver this education through a message and accompanying opportunities for discussion and dialogue. 

Pastoral Ministry Team:

The Pastoral Ministry Team met on January 11th and would like to share the following.…

Our monthly workshop of "Equipping Pastoral Elders and Pastoral Deacons" was spent discussing a situation that the Deacons were and are dealing with presently to date.  Discussing how to show Christ-like compassion and grace but also knowing when we have reached our limit and need to ask for professional help from agencies such as GLC.  We affirmed the Deacons in the excellent way they have been handling the situation and encouraged them in their next forward decisions.  It was good to help each other. 

We continue to journey with Pastor Fred as he walks his journey with his brother who is palliative.  We pray for wisdom and comfort for the family.  Thankful that we belong to a family of God who can share our hurts and concerns with one another. 

At the end of the meeting, the Pastoral Elders spent some time-in discussion, sharing ministry moments and experiences in the past month. Pastor Fred expressed his gratitude for the work of the Pastoral Ministry Team, and the Pastoral Care that is provided in visits with the Congregation.

Ministry Leadership Team:

The Ministry Leadership Team met on January 31st. Minutes were received from each of the ministries. We would like to share the following:

We talked for an hour about Education Committee’s desire to bring dialogue to the issue of bringing pastoral care with those who have “Same Sex Attraction,” and all felt committed to working towards meaningful presentations to come.

The deacons reported on a wonderful Christmas Dinner with the seniors and were delighted to meet the $26,000.00 of support needed for our Karin Refugee family in Hamilton, during 2017.

Facilities Management Team continue to keep an eye on the upkeep of this facility, making repairs and improvements where needed.

The FA$T team reported to MLT that that the overall net income shortage for the 2017 year has come in at $7,000. Even though the actual income for the year was below target, so were ministry expenses.

The pastoral ministry team continues to hold each other accountable as deacons and elders, making visits, as well as participating in monthly training sessions from Pastor Fred that are inspiring.

Worship Committee is looking at the season of Lent, beginning February 18th and running through to March 25th, with Easter on April 1st, planning on a series based on the Seven Last Words of Jesus on the cross.

Janice continues to give leadership with youth. Planning is underway for a fund-raising dinner on February 17th. Funds raised support a planned Missions Trip to Puerto Rico, in 2019 and the youth attending AOYC. She is also taking 4 youth to Muskoka Woods for leadership training in February.

Neighborhood Potluck’s begin this weekend, and run February 4th, February 11th, February 26th and March 4th.

The MLT reviewed the Long-Range Planning Committee’s interim report which includes some recommendations for structural changes that will involve the MLT. A good discussion was had.  

The Ministry & Worship Coordinator reported along with the Children’s Director that plans are underway for Kids Summer Camp 2018. “Amped” is this year’s theme Summer Jobs grant has been applied for and registration will open in March.

As you can see, it has been another productive month of ministry in and through Mountainview. Please continue to pray for Council, Ministry Leaders and staff providing leadership in so many areas of ministry which are so vital to the life of the church.

Next Meetings: Pastoral Ministry Team meets next on – Thursday February 1st, 2018 @ 7:30 pm

                           Full Council meets next on – Thursday February 8th, 2018 @ 7:30 pm

                           Ministry Leadership Team meets on – Wednesday February 21st, 2018 @ 7:30 pm


An Addendum to the January Monthly Newsletter:  A generous member of the Christian Reformed Church in Canada has made available an all-expense paid trip for pastors and their wives to travel to Egypt, Jordan and Israel for a tour intended to further equip pastors and their understanding of scripture.  Council approved study leave from April 9 – 23 so that Pastor Sid and Sue are able to participate in this educational opportunity. 

Alice Posthumus