December 2017

December 2017

Highlights from the Congregational Meeting and Council

Congregational Meeting – meeting was held on December 5th and the following are highlights from that meeting…

1. Christine Winter provided a detailed review of the summer camp attendance, including a breakdown of where the campers came from.  An intentional follow-up and enfolding of children and families who attended continues.

2. Pastor Darren Roorda, the Director for Canadian ministries for the Christian Reformed Church of North America provided a presentation in which he detailed how ministry shares collected from 300 Christian Reformed places of worship in Canada are leveraged to create impact in Canada and around the world.  Pastor Darren also provided some observations on churches which are flourishing.  He shared that orthodoxy, creativity and a community orientation are common to flourishing churches.

3. The 2018 budget presented by Peter Westerterp, Chair of the Finance and Stewardship Team was passed unanimously.  The budget made provision to ensure 100 % of ministry shares are paid during 2018.  It included adjustments to base salaries for non-ordained staff as a result of a review completed by the HR team.  The overall increase to the budget from 2017 will be 2.5%.

4. A brief overview of the work completed to date by the structural review committee was provided. Council is grateful for the work completed by Nelly Baarda, John Buma and Pastor Fred VanderBerg and accepted their recommendation that the work should continue. 

5. A Long-Range Planning Committee made up of; John Buma, George Dekker, Teresa Huinink, Tony Kamphuis and Doug Stuive with Pastor Sid and Pastor Fred as advisors will continue the work begun by completing the structure and then providing recommendations on how best to staff the model.  Pastor Roorda offered resources and expertise from the denominational office to assist with the completion of the review.

Council Executive ~ met on December 14th and would like to share the following.…

1. Pastor Sid provided an overview of the ministry plans being made for the 2018 church calendar. Our newly adopted Vision says “We are a community of believers being transformed by the love of Jesus, bringing healing, hope and good news in a broken world.” Pastor Sid is working with the theme “God’s story in your story,” and hopes to have different people in Mountainview have their testimony video taped and presented in worship throughout the year. 2018 will begin with a six-week series of sermons on “Building a Prayer Life.” Lent begins on February 18th and will run through to March 25th, with Easter landing on April 1st. During the months of May and June Pastor Sid will preach on Living Missional, with Five Steps towards sharing the gospel, using an acronym called B.E.L.L.S. In July and August Christine Winter will lead 6 weeks of Kids Kamp, and after each week we’ll have a 5:00 p.m. Sunday evening service outdoors in the parking lot, followed by a B.B.Q. In September we’ll preach through our Vision Statement (mentioned above) and on September 30th Pastor Fred is planning a church wide seven-week small group ALPHA experience, every other Sunday evening. Each of these initiatives are designed to strengthen our ability to build community, while being transformed by the love of Jesus, bringing healing, hope and good news in a broken world. 

2. Bryan Van Geest was confirmed as the new Chair of the Facilities Management Team.  We are grateful for Bryan’s willingness to serve in this role.  Bryan replaces Jerry Heeringa who retired after ably serving in this role for many years.

3. In the framework of pastoral care and education, Council Executive has asked the Education Ministry Team to provide an educational series for the Congregation on topics relevant to today, beginning with a two-part session on same sex attraction.

4. The nomination process to identify elders and deacons to succeed those who will complete their terms in 2018 will begin early in the New Year.  Karen Antonides and Corinne Bosch have agreed to provide leadership for this process.  You are encouraged to self-identify or nominate those who you believe have gifts to serve in either of these roles.

5. Time was spent in an open forum to identify those areas where opportunities exist to better meet the spiritual and physical needs of those who worship at Mountainview.  A number of initiatives are ongoing, all aimed at ensuring God is glorified through our prayer and worship, that those who attend would grow in relationship with God and each other and that we would leave this place, and go, sharing Christ’s love in words and actions.


Pastoral Ministry Team:

The Pastoral Ministry Team met on December 7th and would like to share the following.…

Pastor Fred led a discussion on providing pastoral care to close family members, whose faith life you know little about. The Pastoral Ministry Team was reminded that ministry is not just done through words, but can take many different forms.

The Pastoral Ministry Team reflected on the hard work of the teachers of Kids@Mountainview and Little Lambs, and gave thanks for the many volunteers in the church who do work in various ministries.

The membership transfer-in of John and Sandra DeVisser from Providence CRC in Beamsville, was approved. Please introduce yourselves to John and Sandra, and welcome them to Mountainview.

On behalf of Church Council and all of the staff we extend warm wishes to each of you and your families for a blessed Christmas and New Year!


Next Meetings:

Full Council meet with New Members on Tuesday, January 9th, 2018

Pastoral Ministry Team meets next on – Thursday January 11th, 2018 @ 7:30 pm

Council Executive meets next on – Thursday January 18th, 2018 @ 7:30 pm

Ministry Leadership Team meets on – Wednesday January 17th, 2018 @ 7:30 pm




Alice Posthumus