March 2018

March 2018 Highlights


Council Executive ~ met on March 8th and would like to share the following.…

1.  Council Executive reviewed and approved the final list of nominees for presentation to the congregation on March 25th.  On April 15th the congregation will be asked to affirm the list of nominees and on May 6th new officer bearers will be selected by lot.  Council Executive reviewed the process followed and is thankful for the willingness and the gifts of those who have agreed to serve the church in this way.

2.  As planning begins for the 2018 / 2019 church calendar staff were asked to prepare goals and specific initiatives aligned with the established ministry priorities for discussion and review by Full Council at its spring meeting.

3.  Pastor Sid and Spencer Farrow arranged an evening social with the young adults in late February.  A large number attended and began a conversation about how best to develop a pattern and time for regular fellowship together.  Another gathering is planned for March 31st at 7:00 p.m. at the Grimsby Pump House.

4.  The Canada Summer Jobs Grant application submitted to secure funding for Mountainview’s Summer Camp initiative continues to be pursued in consultation with the Denominational Office and the Canadian Council of Christian Charities.  Our original application which was denied because of our failure to affirm the attestation required was resubmitted.  The attestation was not signed on this second submission and a cover letter developed by the CCCC’s was used to express our continued concern with the requirement.  Council Executive confirmed its support for the Summer Camp initiative and the planning required.  If our grant application is denied, some provision was made for the camp in the 2018 budget, camp fees have been increased but remain attractive and other funding sources will be explored if need be.

5.  Plans are being made for the spring congregational meeting.  A date will be selected in the near future and further plans will be reported as the date draws closer.

Pastoral Ministry Team

The Pastoral Ministry Team met on Thursday, March 1st and would like to share the following.…

Pastor Fred led through a pastoral care situation. The Pastoral Ministry Team is blessed to be able to hear Pastor Fred’s and other’s perspectives on how best to provide pastoral care. 

The Pastoral Elders were also blessed to be able to hear the story of Jamie Taylor and be able to welcome him to the community of Mountainview. The Pastoral Ministry Team was reminded that the life of a Christian is an ongoing, life-long spiritual journey.

The neighborhood potlucks were well received by all who participated.  

Ministry Leadership Team

      The Ministry Leadership Team met on March 21st. Minutes were received from the various ministries. We would like to share the following:

      The deacons continue to support a couple of families looking for specific assistance and needs. Deacons did an excellent job inviting twelve ministry agencies for our “Doorways into the Community service. Many Mountainview members continue to volunteer and support each of these ministries in their own way.

      In May of last year, the Education committee came forward with a request to have a conversation around “Same Sex Attraction.” It was discussed and affirmed in the M.L.T, as well as Executive Council, with further discussion occurring as to what was to be presented, how and some complications around setting a time and date. One of our Calvin College students sat in a chapel given by Rev. Mary Hulst and thought her presentation would be beneficial for members of Mountainview to see as well. On April 8th, Pastor Sid will give a message on “Same Sex Attraction and the Body of Christ,” in the morning service, and members of Mountainview are invited to see Rev. Mary Hulst’s chapel presentation in the evening with time for brief conversation following.

      Janice Schwanz reported that the Youth “Pirates of the Caribbean” dinner raised over $6,000.00. These funds will help support 15 kids and 3 leaders to attend the May All Ontario Youth Convention and help finance the Missions trip to Puerto Rico planned for Spring Break in 2019. Janice also took 4 students to the Muskoka Leadership Studio for leadership training the last weekend in February. Both Middle school and youth continue to enjoy eating together every other Sunday afternoon, as well as study and fellowship.

      Pastor Fred continues to give leadership around Small Groups. During the month of March, he has solicited 25 small group leaders for an ALPHA Small Group initiative in the fall. More information on that will be coming, in April and May.   

      Facilities Team reviewed some aspects of the property that are beginning to show their age, including the parking lot, the kitchen and some of the carpet. Further discussions are underway how to best proceed.

      FA$T team reported that their annual audit is almost complete.  Rules and procedures around processing of funds are also being reviewed. They continue to seek ways to assist Mountainview’s stewardship habits and support.

      The Outreach committee invites you to join them for a SERVE Saturday for April 21st, more details to follow. If you have the name of a possible person to assist or worksite, pass that on to them.  Then come of for the Saturday morning with your small group or friends and join them in serving our neighbours. Once again plans are underway for our annual Kids Carnival to take place on June 16th.

      Worship Committee had a planning meeting for the Palm Sunday, Good Friday and Easter Sunday morning celebration services. They are looking forward to celebrating both sacraments of Baptism and Communion with God’s people on Easter Sunday morning.

      A New Comers social has been organized for this Sunday, March 25th after the morning service.  18 new families and/or individuals have been invited. Many of them will hopefully be introduced to you on Sunday morning, April 8th.

Plans for Kids Camp are well underway, with over 230 children already registered. Included in the 6 weeks of camp will be a Sunday afternoon worship service in our parking lot at 4:00 p.m., followed by a BBQ for students and families and members of Mountainview are encouraged to participate.

Next Meetings:

Pastoral Ministry Team meets next on – Thursday April 5th, 2018 @ 7:30 pm

Council Executive meets next on – Thursday April 12th, 2018 @ 7:30 pm

Ministry Leadership Team meets on – Wednesday April 18th, 2018 @ 7:30 pm


Karin Terpstra