April 2018

April 2018 Highlights


Council Executive ~ met on April 12th and would like to share the following.…

1.      John Buma and George Dekker attended the Council Executive meeting to provide an update on the results of the work completed by the Long Range Planning Committee.  Following their presentation opportunity was provided for questions and feedback for the Committee to take into account as it nears the completion of its task.  Council Executive is grateful for the work completed by this Committee which is being chaired by Tony Kamphuis and is made up of Doug Stuive and Teresa Huinink in addition to John and George.  The Committee’s work will be presented at a Full Council meeting on May 10th and an update will be provided at the Congregational meeting set for June 3rd.

2.      Council Executive discussed participation in proposed litigation being coordinated by the Canadian Council of Christian Charities (CCCC’s) and the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada (EFC) in response to the Federal Government’s attestation requirement for the Canada Summer Jobs Program.  The Christian Reformed Church of North America, Canadian Ministries is engaging with and supportive of the work being undertaken by the CCCC’s and EFC, but it is the individual churches denied the grant, that need to be named in any litigation which may take place.  Council Executive unanimously supports the initiative being taken by the CCCC’s and EFC to bring attention to the injustice, the impact it is having and out of concern for the potential for this ideology being applied more broadly.  We have committed to exploring Mountainview’s suitability as a named litigant and are providing the necessary information to facilitate that determination.  Once the CCCC’s have determined whether Mountainview would be a suitable named party in any litigation and a more complete appreciation of what will be involved and required from named litigants is provided, a final decision will be made on whether or not to proceed.  This will be a Full Council decision and the congregation will be kept informed of developments.

3.      Council Executive approved a mandate for the “Counting Teams” prepared by FA$T.  The mandate was prepared in conjunction with the auditors and details duties and responsibilities and terms of service for those serving the church in this way.  The mandate was implemented as a proactive initiative on the advice of the auditors to ensure good practices are in place for those areas where we are responsible for the stewardship of resources entrusted.  Council Executive is grateful for the advice and mandate prepared.

4.      Council Executive approved a number of policies prepared by the Human Resources Team dealing with “Harassment and Violence”.  A number of suggestions were made for the Human Resources Team to consider and make revisions for, if deemed appropriate.  The policies were developed to help ensure that we have safe, trusting and healthy environments for work, worship and study.  Council Executive is grateful to the Human Resources Team for their leadership in this area.

5.      Preparations for the next Classis Niagara meeting scheduled for May 16th were initiated, both the identification of delegates and the completion of work for ministry reporting.

6.      Council Executive concluded the meeting reviewing and reflecting on the effectiveness of ministries of the church.  The time included discussions on areas of ministry growth and opportunities and also focused on areas where attention is needed in response to concerns being expressed.  Council remains focused on finding ways to breathing life into our churches vision that we are, “A community of believers being transformed by the love of Jesus, bringing hope, healing and good news in a broken world” and our mission that, “Empowered by the Holy Spirit, we will glorify God in prayer and worship, grow in relationship with God and each other, and go, sharing Christ’s love in words and actions.”  We concluded with a time of prayer.

Pastoral Ministry Team

Pastoral Ministry Team/Diaconal Ministry Team:  met on April 5th.

      Karen Antonides chaired her final meeting and has served the PMT well, giving strong leadership in her three years in office. Annette Klingenberg is the newly elected chair of the PMT/DMT ministry. David and Elaine Kelly had their memberships transferred in from St. John’s Presbyterian Church in Grimsby, and Hans and Joyce Van Keulen transferred in from Providence CRC in Beamsville.   

Ministry Leadership Team:

      The Ministry Leadership Team did not meet during the month of April. The May 16th, agenda is asking for each of the ministries to provide Highlights of the past 2017/2018 church calendar year and goals for the new church calendar year of 2018/2019 fast approaching.

      This April news letter marks the transition of leadership in the chair person’s position of Executive Council, from Brian Verheul to Doug Stuive. Brian will chair the May 10th meeting of full council and hand over the gavel at the May 17th combined meeting of outgoing and incoming office bearers. Brian has been instrumental in conducting and implementing yearly Staff evaluations, around visioning, competency, goals and expectations. He initiated the restructuring committee and long-range planning committee to provide seamless leadership in staffing transitions, unifying the congregation in its mission, striving for effectiveness and efficiency. We want to thank Brian for serving executive council and this congregation with competence and grace.

Next Meetings:  Pastoral Ministry Team meets next on – Thursday May 3rd, 2018 @ 7:30 pm

                           Full Council meets next on – Thursday May 10th and 17th @ 7:30 pm

                           Ministry Leadership Team meets on – May 16th @ 7:30 pm

Karin Terpstra