December 2018

December 2018 Highlights
from the Congregational Meeting and Council Meetings

Congregational Meeting – meeting held on December 4:

1. The 2019 budget, presented by Peter Westerterp, Chair of the Administrative Services Team, was approved. The overall increase to the budget from 2018 will be 1.2%. The budget continued with the provision to ensure 100% of ministry shares are paid during 2019, and included an increase to employee salaries of 2%, consistent with COLA.

2. John Buma, on behalf of the Long-Range Planning Committee (LRPC), provided an update on the continuing Structural Review & Long-Term Planning. Throughout 2018 the LRPC has been looking at the staff model and staff position descriptions and accordingly has provided a new report for Council. Council continues to review the latest report.

3. George Dekker, Secretary of the Deacons, provided an update on the work of the Deacons. The Congregation was encouraged to sign up for PAR (Pre-Authorized Remittances), which aids Mountainview in receiving more consistent cash flow throughout the year. The Congregation was also advised that starting in 2019, there will only be one collection bag on Sunday mornings. The one bag will contain the collection for both causes.

4. Brandon Vermeer, Interim Youth Director, spoke to what has been and is currently happening in Middle School and Youth. Additionally, he spoke to the preparations that continue to be made for the Puerto Rico mission trip.

Full Council met on December 6 and again on December 13:

1. Full Council approved in principle, to make slight changes to the structure of the Administrative Services Team (AST). These changes will be closer reviewed with AST in the coming months, upon which more details will be made available after finalizing.

2. Council approved the names of Tammy Ristow and Nelly Baarda to serve on AST, with concentration in Human Resources.

3. The following membership transfers were approved:

I. Corinna & Rebecca Amama to Forestview Community Church, where they have been worshipping for some time.

II. Bryan & Sheri Koornneef & family to Bethany CRC in Fenwick. Bryan and Sheri have moved to St. Ann’s and have decided to worship at Bethany CRC; the church where Sheri grew up in and still has family.

4. On December 13 Full Council had the privilege of meeting with Katrina DeRoche who recently had her membership transferred from Adoration URC in Vineland, and Margaret Ferrato who requested full membership at Mountainview. Both were welcomed by Council to the community of Mountainview; Council asks that you please introduce yourselves to Katrina and Margaret and welcome them to Mountainview as well. Council also had the privilege of meeting with Delna and Ruth Blake, who are looking to be baptized in the New Year.

5. The nomination process to identify elders and deacons to succeed those who will complete their terms in 2019 will begin early in the New Year. Everyone is encouraged to self-identify or nominate those who you believe have gifts to serve in either of these roles.

6. The Elders spent time at each meeting, looking to identify possible areas where there may be opportunities to better meet the spiritual needs of those who worship at Mountainview.

Council’s Next Steps in Providing Safe Church Support:

Council organized a “Safe Church Conversation” with Judy Cook, a local retired registered therapist, recommended by Safe Church, on Saturday December 1st. After that Council again met and in cooperation with Jonathan Monster, it has been agreed that he will not be attending worship services and church activities at Mountainview until after his court case is settled. We ask for your prayers during this time, for everyone affected. Council is committed to the following action steps around Safe Church that we trust will further strengthen Mountainview’s ministries.

1. The chair and vice chair of council continue to collect specific timelines and details from staff and members of the congregation regarding questions made at the Congregational meeting. This action is still in process and will continue until all information has been received.

2. We are in the process of negotiating the assistance of a registered Christian Counselor, familiar with the issues of child pornography, making themselves available, several weeks in a row, for anyone in the congregation for further questions and answers that may have gone unanswered in previous dialogue, in a timeframe yet to be determined. More details to follow.

This counselor would also be available for individual counseling sessions or refer a person on to a Christian Counselor that would be able to assist.

3. The Education Ministry Team has been working on presenting the movie Over 18 on Sunday evening, February 10, 2019, with a panel of four counsellors for further discussion. This will be a similar format that Fenwick C.R.C. used at the Smithville Christian Highschool in January of 2018, where members of Mountainview, Classis Niagara and our surrounding community will be invited to further educate themselves around the issues of pornography.

Ministries Update:

1. During the month of December, a team created a Santa Clause Parade float using a “Narnia Theme,” on December 1st. Outreach and Kids@Mountainview put on a delightful Winter Wonderland Event on Friday evening, December 7th, including a showing of the Disney movie “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.” Music at Mountainview hosted their annual Christmas Concert with the Hosanna Choir on Dec. 8th and two Music @ Noon Hour Organ recitals, December 12th and 19th. Cluster Groups viewed the last ALPHA video closing out their seven-session journey on December 9th, with some 180 people participating. Many of our ministries ended out the year with a Christmas social, and the facility was busy with rentals from families hosting their own Christmas celebrations. Kids@Mountainview had another successful Pajama Day on December 23rd.

2. The New Year of 2019 is about to begin. Budget Envelopes for the New Year have already been prepared and placed in your mail slots. In the months of January and February we’ll walk through the opening chapters of Mark’s Gospel. The 5 P.M. service will revisit teachings from the Heidelberg Catechism. Small Group Regroup 2019 will take place online throughout the month of January. An application will to out to Canada Summer Jobs and Summer Kids Camp planning will begin once again.

3. The next Full Council meeting is scheduled for January 10th, 2019.

We extend our warm wishes to each of you in the coming New Year,

Council & Staff @ Mountainview Church

Karin Terpstra