February 2019

February 2019 – Highlights

February 7th Full Council met prior to the Elders/Deacons meeting and dealt with the following…

Administrative Services Team (AST) Recommendations and highlights (Facilities, Finance & HR)

- Sue Couperus was approved as a member of the AST with focus on Facilities.

- Jim Bergshoeff was approved to the position of Fire Captain of Mountainview – an advisory position to the AST. This position was recently vacated by Ron Bergshoeff.

- A request from the AST to purchase a metal storage unit was approved. The storage unit will provide secure storage for the church’s lawn and garden equipment, etc. which removes the hazard of storing gasoline and other hazardous materials in part of the main church building.

- Council unanimously approved a contract for Christine Winter as Summer Camp Director for 2019. The new contract will compensate Christine for the additional hours she spends in preparing for the summer camp. The camp will be self-financed through the means of registration fees, and an anticipated Canada Summer Jobs grant, as well as unused funds from the 2018 Summer Camp. Therefore, there will be no financial impact on the 2019 budget.

- Council approved a motion presented by AST, that the balance of the funds available from 2018 be paid towards Denominational Shares. In so doing, Mountainview contributed 46.4% of its budgeted commitment. Consequently, due to the financial shortfall from the 2018 year-end, no mortgage payment will be made in 2019.

- Staff and members of the AST met this month with our new tenant the Nature School. Their first two months of sharing our facility have gone reasonably well. Concerns have been addressed as they have arisen and both parties have been pleased with the arrangement. Roughly 25-30 kids attend the school. Our current contract with them ends in June. Together AST and the Nature School are exploring what a long-term arrangement might look like, and what implications that might have for the church facility and its ministries.

The Elders and Deacons ~ met on February 7th and would like to share the following…

The nomination process for elders and deacons to replace retiring office bearers was reviewed. A list was approved and those nominated were contacted by their neighbourhood elder or deacon. An information session was held on February 21st. On March 17th the list of nominees will be presented to the congregation. On April 7th the congregation will be asked to affirm the list of nominees and on April 14th new office bearers will be selected by lot. Ordination of Office Bearers will take place on May 5th.

The membership transfer of Justin Krikke from Rehoboth Canadian Reformed Church in Burlington was approved. Justin has been worshipping with us for quite some time and is the fiancée of Valerie Van Geest. Justin and Valerie will be getting married at Mountainview on Friday, March 8th, Lord willing, with Pastor Sid officiating.

Each Sunday the Elders on duty are asked to fill out a worship service evaluation; the results are summarized at the end of each month and reviewed by the Elders and Pastors. The Pastoral Elders reviewed with Pastor Sid and Pastor Fred the results of the worship service evaluations from January.

Council completed its review of the questions raised at the Congregational meeting. Based on the information gathered from staff and members, Council agreed that no further action is required. An update to this effect, was sent out in the Friday e-blast on Friday, February 8.

The deacons were then dismissed to work through their own agenda.

The elders gathered to report on visits made, concerns raised and ministry that has been able to take place.

Ministry & Events Update:

On February 7th Performing Arts at Mountainview hosted an Evening of Praise with the Niagara String Youth Ensemble. The event was well attended, and proceeds went to the Help Save & Re-Build West Lincoln Memorial Hospital Campaign.

On February 8th and 9th Classis Niagara had a retreat at Mount Mary’s Retreat Center in Ancaster, with a focus on the core value of Authentic Community, led by Dr. Syd Hielema. Pastor Sid Couperus and Elder Jerry Gerritsen represented Mountainview. Pastor Sid chaired the business section of the meeting and was elected by Classis Niagara to attend Synod 2019.

On February 10th, Mountainview invited Classis Niagara and members of Mountainview to see the documentary on pornography called Over 18. It was followed by five panellists who helped guide a discussion around the urgency, prevalence, and necessity of having this open conversation, bringing to light to a dark topic in our communities. 110 people took in the movie and participated in the conversation.

Also on February 10th the Church Library went mobile. The library committee meets monthly and works diligently to make sure our selves are stocked with materials that cover a broad range of ages and topics both educational and recreational. They also want those materials to be read/viewed, so some weeks they will be bringing a mobile library cart to the fellowship hall after the morning service. Check it out

On February 16th the Cadets held their Annual Breakfast, a time of good fellowship and food was had by all, with funds raised to support our Cadet Ministry. At the January 27th Cadet Sunday service, head counsellor Greg was pleased to report an ever-increasing number of boys joining our club. This led to a plea for additional counsellors. He was happy to report that 3 new counsellors came on board.

On February 18th Kids at Mountainview hosted a Family Day Event for all those who have attended our camps in previous years. We offered carriage rides, hot chocolate, a place to hang out and connect, and an advance opportunity to register for Summer Camp 2019 before the public launch. The event was well received, and we had a great time re-connecting with neighbourhood families. Summer camp 2019 registration opened to the public February 20th, and to date we have filled 241 of the available spaces.

On February 21st, Council invited Judy Cook to return from 9:30 – 11:30 a.m. and have conversations with anyone in Mountainview who still had questions around safe church, pornography, pedophilia, and any issues around sexual, physical or emotional abuse.

On February 21st, people who have been nominated for the office of elder and deacon were invited to an Information Evening from 7:30 – 9:00. The meeting was led by Annette Klingenberg, Eric Heinen, Pastor Fred and Pastor Sid, with a fair number of people attending.

On February 23rd the Youth hosted at 50’s style dinner at Rico’s Diner. Great food & fellowship, retro music and trivia, fun was had by all. Funds raised will support the Youth Puerto Rico Mission Trip and those attending AOYC.

Neighborhood Potlucks were held on various Sunday’s for Neighbourhoods 1,2 & 3, and the last one is coming on March 3rd for Neighbourhood 4. What a blessing and privilege it is to gather as a community and share good food and fellowship.

Next Meeting: Full Council meets next on – Thursday March 7th, 2019 @ 7:00 pm

Karin Terpstra