MAY 2019 Monthly News

May 2019 – Highlights

Full Council met on May 2nd and would like to share the following:

The 2018 Audited Financial Statements were presented to Council by Peter Westerterp & Will Klein, Chair
of the AST Committee and Treasurer of Mountainview respectively. The auditor was pleased to find that
the various accounting process improvements recommended in previous years are being followed, and
overall the audit received a positive result. Council approved the financial statements to be presented to
the congregation at the June Congregational meeting.

Council responded to Pastor Sid’s acceptance of a call to First Christian Reformed Church in Owen Sound.
His farewell service is scheduled for July 7th. Council has agreed to bless Pastor Sid with closure, vacation,
transition and renewal time until the end of August. We wish Pastor Sid & Sue all the best in their new
community of faith. Committees have been struck to put together a Retirement Celebration for Pastor Fred
and a Farewell Celebration for Pastor Sid.

Council approved a motion to begin the search for a Pastor, based on the Pastor Job Description as
recommended in the Long-Range Planning Committee’s (LRPC) staffing model. The full staffing model
proposed by the LRPC has not yet been adopted. The staffing model will be re-reviewed once a Pastor has
been found. Accordingly, at this time Council is looking to fill one Pastoral position.

A Search Committee was established by Council to begin the process of finding a new pastor. The following names were approved: Henry Koornneef (chair) Erin Van Driel (council rep), Rob Heersink, Karen Antonides, Brandon Vermeer, Sara Geerlinks, and Jason VanderWier.

Council is in discussion with some Pastors to provide us with part-time Pastoral Care and possibly some
preaching until a Pastor accepts a call to Mountainview. Further, Council has formally requested pulpit
supply from Classis Niagara. Classis will provide an appointment for the 2nd & 4th Sunday’s of the month
(excluding the summer and December). Pulpit Supply has been secured for the morning services
throughout the summer months. An effort is now being made to fill the fall months. With no full-time
Pastor this summer, Council has decided to suspend the afternoon services for the months of June through October. Council will review this decision at its September Council meeting.

Council agreed to implement a Council Executive for the upcoming year. The Council Executive will meet to deal with urgent matters, and act as a preparatory working body that can come with recommendations to Full Council. This body will meet on an informal, as-needed basis and will consist of Chair of Council: Peter Heersink, Vice-Chair: P.J. Vermeer, Clerk: Isaac VanGeest, Chair of the Elders Ministry Team: Adam Bylsma, and Chair of the Deacons Ministry Team: Matt Oliveira, (and Pastor).

The Elders and Deacons met on May 9 for a Transition Meeting and would like to share the following:

Outgoing office bearers were provided words of appreciation from the respective Chairs of each Ministry
Team, for their service in the last three years. Each outgoing office bearer was also provided an opportunity for a time of reflection of their time of serving. The outgoing office bearers were then excused from the meeting, while the new subsequently Full Council met.

The Covenant of Office Bearers was read and signed by each of the incoming office bearers. They include
Elders: Isaac VanGeest (Clerk), P.J. Vermeer (Vice), Erna Fluit (Shalom Elder), Graham Austin, Dan Huinink,
Arie Fennema, Joanne Tigchelaar, and Deacons: Tim Eggink, Jonathan Buma, Will Visser and Jen DeJong.

The Neighbourhood Teams for the 2019/2020 were established as follows:

Neighbourhood #1: Elders: Andy Fluit & Christina Pleizier & Pauline Smit
Deacons: Jen DeJonge & Stan Veenstra

Neighbourhood #2: Elders: Neil Van Geest & Erin Van Driel & Arie Fennema
Deacons: Will Visser & Derek Denbak

Neighbourhood #3: Elders: Jerry Gerritsen & Graham Austin & Spencer Farrow
Deacons: Jonathan Buma & Eric Heinen

Neighbourhood #4: Elders: Dan Huinink & Joanne Tigchelaar & Glenn Van Hoffen
Deacons: Tim Eggink & Rich Kikkert

Neighbourhood #5: Erna Fluit: (Shalom Elder)

The membership transfer-in of Chad & Erica Howard and children was accepted from Fruitland CRC.

Christina Pleizier, Chair of the Safe Church Team, led Full Council in their annual Safe Church Training.

After a full year has now passed since Council adopted the new Governance structure proposed by the Long-Range Planning Committee, Council spent some time in discussion, reflecting on the last year and discussing whether any improvements to the structure and/or agendas could be made. A small group from Council will meet to discuss this further in the coming month(s) and will provide a recommendation to Full Council.

Pastor Sid led the new council in an exercise of Mutual Censure, with communion being planned for the
Pentecost Sunday of June 9th, during which we will also witness Profession of Faith and celebrate our Youth.

Council is looking for someone willing to chair the Administrative Services Team, and for two new members for the Human Resources Team.

May 1st, 2nd and 3rd: Christine Winter, Sylvia VanGeest and Donna Feddema attended the Orange
Conference in Atlanta, GA.

May 2nd and 3rd: Mountainview hosted the Christian Reformed Church Council of Delegates.

May 4th: Mountainview Outreach held a SERVE Saturday. What a blessing it is to share in service to others.

May 5th: We celebrated our Friendship ministry in the morning service.

May 12th: In the morning worship service we hosted our missionaries, Colin & Kathleen Wassenaar.

May 15th: Pastor Fred Vanderberg, Christine Pleizier and Eric Heinen represented Mountainview at Classis
Niagara which was held at Jubilee CRC in St. Catharines.

May 16th: A special council meeting was called for the purpose of TRAINING Office bearers for Ministry.
Outgoing elders and deacons were invited along with present and in coming office bearers and Pastor Fred lead us in an evening of training.

May 17-20th: 14 youth and 7 leaders from Mountainview attended the All Ontario Youth Convention.

May 24-26: Representatives from CRC congregations across Canada met at The King’s University in
Edmonton, AB, for the Canadian National Gathering 2019. John Buma attended on behalf of Mountainview
and will report to the congregation at a later date.

May 28th: Executive met to secure a Pastoral Presence for the months of July and August. Pastor David
Tigchelaar has made himself available to be on call during these two months.

Much has happened in the Month of May in the midst of all the transitions taking place. Thank you, members, of Mountainview for your continued patience, prayers and partnership in the gospel.

Next Elders/Deacons Meeting: June 6th, 2019 at 7:00 p.m.

Karin Terpstra