January 2019

 Mountainview Monthly Newsletter

January 2019 – Highlights

Full Council ~ met on January 10th and would like to share the following.…

The meeting was opened with Mutual Censure, where Council members were provided an opportunity to reflect on their time served on Council in 2018. This session was then closed in prayer.

Council continued the conversation on the Long-Range Planning Team’s staffing proposal. As part of the conversation, Council was delighted to hear that Dave & Whitney Rintjema have accepted the role of Interim Music Director on a trial basis, and that Henny White will be taking over for Gert and Hinke Draaistra as Assistant Custodian. On behalf of Mountainview, Council would like to express their utmost appreciation to Will Lammers and Gert & Hinke Draaistra for their service to Mountainview over the last number of years. Council was also received some recommendations around Christine Winter’s role as both Children’s Director, and Kids@Mountainview Camp Director. Plans are already now being made for 2019 Summer Kids Camp. Registration opens in February and staff have already received a number of inquiries. Pastor Fred shared that roughly 190 people participated in Cluster Groups viewing 7 sessions of ALPHA during the months of October, November and December. From the original goals that were set out, the entire event can be viewed as a success. Regroup happened on-line for the month of January. If you missed it and would still like to join a group, contact Pastor Fred and he’ll help plug you in.

In preparation for the upcoming nomination process, a list of potential nominees to serve on Council was provided to Council’s Nomination Committee by each of the neighbourhood Elders & Deacons. Elders and Deacons will begin to reach out to these individuals in the coming week(s).

Keeping Mountainview Safe and Informed: Council confirmed plans to have Judy Cook attend Mountainview on the morning of Thursday, February 7th to answer questions from anyone in the congregation, that may have gone unanswered in previous dialogue. Due to inclement weather this event was postponed to February 21st.

Final preparations have been set in place for a Classis Niagara wide screening of the movie OVER 18.  “Over 18” is a documentary about modern pornography and its effects on children and youth. The goal is to educate families on the realities of pornography and propose solutions for preventing exposure and addiction in the first place. We’ve coupled the screening with four or five-person panel to give testimony and respond to questions. The panelists include a counselor from Shalem Counseling Services, a staff member from Elisha House, a young couple and young parents, as well as a young adult. The doors will open at 6:30 for coffee and fellowship. The movie which is approx. one hour in length, will be shown in the fellowship hall, followed by the panel discussion. We hope to close the evening around 9:00 p.m. Published materials will also be made available for order.  

Specific timelines and details from staff and members of the congregation regarding questions raised at the Congregational meeting, continue to be collected by Council. An update to the Congregation will be provided shortly. 

The membership transfer of Amanda Regnerus to Covenant Canadian Reformed Church in Grassie was approved. Amanda is engaged and has chosen to worship at Covenant with her fiancée.

Council noted the need to identify delegates for the Classis Niagara Retreat being held on February 8 & 9 at Mount Mary’s Retreat Centre, in Ancaster. Syd Hielema will be leading three sessions on Authentic Community, through sharing our stories. Pastor Sid and Jerry Gerritsen, as the Elder delegate, will attended. Pastor Sid will then be chairing the business end of Classis from 1- 4 p.m. Saturday afternoon, where non-delegates will have their own breakout sessions. 

Next Meeting:   Elders and Deacons meet next on – Thursday February 7th, 2019 @ 7:00 pm


Karin Terpstra