August 5, 2018

Summer 2018 Newsletter

Council Report ~ Mountainview Organizational Structure

This report is being provided to you to keep you informed about the changes that were made to the organizational structure of Mountainview; the progress being made on the transition to the new structure; and the ongoing work of the Long-Range Planning Committee.

In the minutes of the congregational meeting held on December 5, 2017, the following was included relating to the changes that were being contemplated to the organizational structure. “As this will be an on-going process with no fixed agenda, it was asked that feedback to the congregation be an important part of the process.” It has always been council’s intention to provide ongoing feedback to the congregation. One thing I learned from the previous Chair is the importance of communication and transparency.

At the congregational meeting held on June 3, 2018, a presentation was made by Tony Kamphuis, chair of the Long-Range Planning Committee. The questions that ensued after his presentation indicated that members wanted additional information. This report addresses these concerns.

This report has been broken down into four segments.
1. Background
2. The new structure
3. Transition process to date
4. Ongoing work of the Long-range Planning Committee


This journey started almost two years ago. In November 2016 Council identified the need for a review of Mountainview’s organizational structure, based on the following reasons:

1) The current structure has been in place for approximately 15 years and a review is considered warranted to ensure we continue to be organized in the best possible fashion to deliver ministry

2) We want to have confidence that the governance of the Church is structured in a way that enables Council members to ensure that the vision, mission, values and ministry priorities of the church are driving our ministries, and that the ministries of the church are flourishing

3) The current structure may not be the most effective/efficient use of our resources. There are 6 layers through which information sometimes flows in order to make a decision. The budget would be an example, and has involved the following layers for approval; staff, Finance Committee, MLT, Council Executive, full Council and the Congregation

4) In the current structure, the actual authority for making decisions is often unclear and leads to confusion, duplication and frustration. This perhaps results in part from the fact that the
personnel serving on church Council, on committees and on staff are constantly changing. A simpler structure to accommodate this reality might be helpful

5) Volunteers often indicate they would like to do more ministry and less meeting. A different structure may result in less duplication, permit less meetings and by extension assist in the recruitment of volunteers for ministry

6) In the current environment, ministries and causes can be added as areas of focus at all levels in the structure with often little or no consideration for the overall implications. If we are to do ministry well, we need to stay focused and be aligned around a set of agreed upon priorities

7) Council wants to ensure that the governance of the church is structured to ensure compliance with the Corporations Act or when proclaimed, the Not for Profit Corporations Act in Ontario

To address these reasons, Council (November 2016) established the Structure Review Committee, and directed that group to focus on the following:

1) Ensuring a governance structure is in place which first and foremost enables Council members to ensure that the mission, vision, values and ministry priorities of the church are driving our ministries, and that they are flourishing

2) Ensuring a governance structure is in place that complies with the church order of the CRCNA

3) Ensuring a governance structure is in place which enables compliance with the Corporations Act, or when proclaimed, the Not for Profit Corporations Act in the Province of Ontario

4) Ensuring a governing structure is in place that enables the effective/efficient use of limited resources, both human and financial

5) Ensuring a governance structure is in place that facilitates effective/efficient decision making, through clear lines of authority
The Structure Review Committee submitted an interim progress report to Council in November 2017. At that time the committee was expanded to form the Long-Range Planning Committee (LRPC) and its mandate was expanded to look at the impact of the proposed organizational structure on the current staff model.

In December 2017, an update was provided at the congregational meeting. The LRPC submitted their report to Council in May 2018. At a full council meeting held on May 10, 2018, the proposed organizational structure was adopted unanimously. The recommendations regarding the staff model was deferred for further work by the LRPC. Updates subsequent to this meeting, were provided to the congregation through the Council Report Spring 2018 and the June 3, 2018 congregational meeting.

The New Structure

A copy of the new organization chart is attached as appendix A

What remains: Full Council, Elders Ministry Team, Diaconal Ministry Team
- Terms of reference for each of the above are attached to this report.

What is eliminated: Executive Council, Ministry Leadership Team

What is new: Administrative Services Team. (AST)
- Terms of reference for AST are attached to this report.

The Transition Process to date

A transition team consisting of Pastor Sid, Pastor Fred, Peter Heersink, Vice chair, Annette Klingenberg, Chair of Elders Ministry team, Eric Heinen Chair of Diaconal Ministry Team and myself have been formed to work our way through the process of transitioning to the new organizational structure.

One of the goals at the outset was to reduce the number of meetings. We have proposed a meeting schedule of one meeting per month. These meeting will alternate between Full Council and either Elders Ministry team or Diaconal Ministry Team. For example, September will be a Full Council meeting and October will be the Elders and Deacons Ministry Team meetings. This pattern will continue for the current church calendar year. We are currently working on template agendas and staffing reports.

There is a lot of work to do when you make changes but as a transition team, we are excited about the possibilities. Peter Westerterp has accepted the position as chairman of the AST. He has written a report for the AST which is included below. We are very thankful to have Peter as the chair of the AST.

Long Range Planning Committee

The LRPC continues to work on formulating an appropriate staff model to support the ministries here at Mountainview. They are having on going discussions with staff to obtain their input. Council expects to receive their final report in early Fall 2018
When this process began the objectives were to simplify the organizational structure, eliminate duplication in the decision-making process, reduce the number of meetings and to allow more time for ministry. The new organizational structure meets these objectives. Changes are never easy to make as we tend to be comfortable with the current situation even if it is not the best. There was some apprehension moving forward, but as we have engaged in dialogue and start to see the benefits of these changes, the apprehension has turned to a positive energy to move forward and embrace these changes.
In the end, organizational structure is a vehicle to assist Mountainview in reaching its vision. It is not an end but a means. To reach our vision, it requires each of our members to be engaged in ministry. At Mountainview, we want to be a community of believers being transformed by the love of Jesus, bringing hope, healing and good news in a broken world.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Administrative Services Team

As you are likely already aware, Council recently decided to change the structure of how the various ministries of the Mountainview church operate. Part of the change is that 3 of the previous ministries will now be combined into one. The ministries of Human Resources, Facilities and Finance (FA$T) will now operate together under the name of the Administrative Services Team. Since all ministries of the church seem to be known by their acronym, ours will be the AST.

My name is Peter Westerterp and I have the privilege of serving as the Chairman of this new administrative team. Since the decision to create this group is only quite recent, we are not yet fully organized. However, steps are being taken and progress is being made towards the goal of having a complete team membership roster in place by or before September 1. The work these 3 ministries have historically done has always been important and continues to be so. I am working with a number of individuals from the congregation seeking advice and input on the team makeup. Members are being approached and a number of positive responses have already been received.

Please remember these activities in your prayers. While the work we do may be administrative in nature, it is really being done to further God's kingdom in the world. Pray that God will bless this new team, provide able team members and guide our work. And, I would like to thank all the members of the 3 ministries mentioned above for all their hard work. You have been instruments God's hands and much has been accomplished.

If you have questions or if you think you may have an interest in being a member of the AST, feel free to contact me by telephone or email.

Humbly submitted in His service,


Peter Westerterp

Next Meeting: Thursday September 6th, 2018 @ 7:30 pm
290 Main

Karin Terpstra