October 29th 2017

We have the jobs but we need the people! Please join us for Serve Saturday- November 4, a morning where we can bless those in our community by serving them. Come and serve with your small group, friends or church family. Join us first for a light breakfast at the church between 8:30-9:00 followed by a time of devotions and prayer. After that at 9:30, we will go out into the community in groups to serve others' needs-helping out at GBF, raking leaves, cleaning up gardens, etc. Come back to the church at 12:00pm for a hotdog lunch! Child care will be provided for children up to age 3. Please email Jessica VanGeest at duaneandjess@hotmail.com to sign up or sign up at the Serve table after the service. 

500TH ANNIVERSARY REFORMATION SERVICE: Mountainview CRC welcomes members of Classis Niagara to a Reformation Day Commemoration Service. Join us this evening. Coffee and fellowship are being offered at 6 p.m. with the service beginning at 7 p.m. The service will use the Contemporary Testimony: Our World Belongs to God, as a litany, welcoming voices from the fields of education and ministry, science and medicine, agriculture and business, government and politics, and all areas of life. We have invited Christian Schools, Indwell, Shalom Manor & Gardens, Christian Labor Association, Christian Farmers, Christian Stewardship, World Renew, Shalem Counseling, Redeemer University College, church planters and university chaplains, and other Christ centered agencies to set up booths in the foyer to welcome and greet all worshipers as we continue to focus on the Lordship of Jesus and the unfolding of his kingdom in all of life. In this service, rather than celebrate the 500th Anniversary, we will commemorate the occasion, reminding ourselves that something was also lost in the separation and division of the body of Christ. Come and join us as we lift up our hearts in worship, honor, confession and praise. 

Afternoon Coffee Break – Wednesday Nov. 1st; Lesson 4, Question 4. Welcome! 

GEMS may need ONE or TWO more counselors as our groups are getting big!! Anyone interested? Also, in February, we would like to have three OPTION weeks where the older girls can sign up for a "bigger craft". Is anyone interested in organizing one of those options? Just email me with questions/ideas. Thanks so much, carrieheidbuurt@hotmail.com. 

Middle school meets tonight! Last session of our series called "Measure Up". 

Youth meets tonight! Second session of our series "Through the Darkness". Remember there is Trick or canning on Tuesday! Bring your friends and family. 

Trick or Canning - October 31st, meet at the church for 5pm for pizza and pop. Then we will break up into groups and go into Grimsby collecting food for the GBF. We need many people for this; come with your family, kids are welcome too! Bring reusable grocery bags to carry items. 

Prayer Walk: we'll be meeting Saturday November 4th. at the church, at 8:30am., first having breakfast with the Serve volunteers and then going for our walk. Anyone interested? Feel free to join us. For information call Jane deVisser at 905-563-7671. 

Grief Share: Most everyone encounters grief in their lives at one time or another. Your grief may be recent, something you have suffered in years past, or something you would like to gain insight on when walking alongside a friend or family member. Grief Share meets weekly to provide support and encouragement for your grief journey. You’ll find a warm, caring environment. Mountainview Church will be offering Grief Share Tuesday evenings starting November 14th from 6:45 - 8:30 pm. Questions contact: Mireille Vermeer at 905-563-1862, or Donna Feddema at 905-945-3736 

Ladies, you are cordially invited to join us for breakfast. Our new location is JJ's on the Docks Eatery, 15 Lake St., Foran's Marina, Grimsby, Ontario, ON L3M2G4 Our next breakfast will be Monday, October 30, 2017 at 8:30 am. We typically meet for a short hour on the last Monday of the month. It is a wonderful opportunity to connect with women from the congregation while we enjoy breakfast together. Mark it on your calendar today. Please contact Sylvia Prins ,905-563-6872 gsprins@gmail.com or Nanda Verheul, 905-309-6160 nverheul1@cogeco.ca to reserve your spot. 

Seafarer Parcels: Seafarers arriving in Montreal during December are usually away from home for up to six months of the year. This makes Christmas a lonely time, far away from family and friends. The Montreal Seafarers’ Ministry assists sailors throughout the year and especially during the Christmas season. Christmas gifts are a big part of their ministry at this time. Mission Circle, with your help, has been able to send parcels to Montreal for many years. During the year, Mission Circle ladies knit many scarves, toques or socks. To complete the parcels, we welcome your participation. You can help by donating such items as bars of soap, facecloths, toothpaste, toothbrushes, deodorants, bags of wrapped candy, boxes of small envelopes, puzzle books (Word Search or Sudoku), pens, playing cards, calendars, Reader’s Digests, etc. Your gift can be placed in the marked box under the mail slots. Or you may help with a monetary donation to purchase the needed items. Please use the envelope provided in your mailbox or at the Welcome Center. Cheques should be made out to “Mountainview CRC” with “Seafarer parcels” written on the Memo line. These can be placed in the offering bag or the mail slot by the main office. The Seafarers’ Ministry adds a Bible or New Testament in the seafarer’s language to each parcel. What a wonderful way to share the message of salvation with others. Will you help? All gifts should be received by November 19. 


November 5 - Art Koornneef November 21– Jacoba Bax 

November 6 – Gertie DeRoos November 28 – June Thompson 

November 9 – Dick Wikkerink November 28 – Mary Vermeer 

November 10 – Richard Heywood November 29 – Anne Schuringa 

November 19 – Jeanette Lip 

JOYFUL GIVING! Received on October 22nd, 2017: 

Mountainview Ministries (Budget + PAR) $12,038.31= 70% of total weekly budget. 

Euro Relief,Tyler Couperus: $300.00, World Renew, Kathleen Lauder: $2483.40, Benevolence $959.55, Shalom Chaplaincy: $641.15, , NACE: $40.00 GBF: $200.00,Mission Circle: $70.00; Disablility: $40.00 Total Offerings: $16.772.41 

UPCOMING OFFERINGS: November 5th A.M. – World Renew-World Hunger Sunday 

P.M. – Ministry to Seafarers in Montreal 

November 12th A.M. – Back To God Ministries International 

P.M. – Redeemer University College 

Contribution Statements have been distributed for the period of Jan 1, 2017 to Sept 30, 2017. If I have missed you or if you find a discrepancy, please contact me. Will Klein (Financial Administrator) 

Pastor’s Keyboard – 500th Anniversary Commemoration of the Protestant Reformation

Five hundred years ago, Martin Luther, a Roman Catholic priest, nailed 95 theses on the front door of the Church in Wittenberg Germany, publicly marking the beginning of many protests against the Church of Rome. The separation spurned a period of spiritual renewal, spawning new gatherings, renewal and regeneration. Some people followed the teachings of Martin Luther, while others gravitated towards John Calvin, Huldrych Zwingli, Jan Hus, John Knox, Peter Waldo, and John Wycliffe. We lament the splintering of the Christian Church and marvel at the Holy Spirit’s fruitful response of spreading the gospel through Lutherans, Presbyterians, Reformers, Baptists, Wesleyans, Anglicans and Roman 

Catholics. In this Sunday evening’s service we are gathering together to celebrate some 70 years of influence in Canada’s 150 years of existence, further establishing God’s kingdom here on earth. As well as building churches, Reformers built Christian elementary schools and high schools, Christian colleges and universities. They started agencies that sought to breath a Christian perspective into farming and business, in politics and media, medicine and morality, in serving the homeless as well as the elderly. A number of CRC churches of Classis Niagara are celebrating this 500th anniversary with members of the Lutheran church, the Reformed Church of America and the Presbyterian Church in St. Catharines tonight. We thought we’d invite Classis Niagara to read through the Contemporary Testimony ~ Our World Belongs to God, as our litany, and lift up our hearts in praise and worship to the Lord. We invited some 15 to 17 ministries and agencies to give voice to the paragraphs into which they breathe life through their work in Niagara, across Ontario, and through this nation of Canada. On this evening, we want to celebrate the Lordship of Jesus Christ at work in and through us, giving God the Glory in all that we say and do. Pastor Sid


Grade 8 Students, You’re Invited! At Smithville Christian High School, we are committed to making that transition to high school, and the four years that follow it, truly successful for every student – including you! You are invited to Grade 8 Day on Nov. 1, 9:30 am to 2:30 pm, where you will get to experience the friendly, caring atmosphere of the school and see the amazing extra-curricular options. Smithville Christian is a place where students truly Belong, Believe and Succeed. 

ROAD2HOPE 2017 - JOIN THE RACE to transform 150 classrooms across the developing world. Sign up to run for EduDeo Ministries in Road2Hope, a fun, family-friendly event this November 4 or 5 in Hamilton's beautiful Confederation park. Register now at edudeo.com/r2h. 

World Hunger Sunday - World Renew invites you to join us in changing the story for communities around the world. Through daily devotions and activities, you can gather with your family to learn how God is moving families beyond poverty, hunger, and oppression, and equipping them with skills to succeed. Join us on November 5 for this year’s World Hunger Sunday. 

MC NALLY HOUSE: We are launching a region wide campaign called “It won’t kill you to talk with us” promoting an online survey we want EVERYONE to fill out. The survey can be found at www.ItWontKillYouToTalkWithUs.ca The survey will be available from October 6th, to November 3rd, and takes approximately 7 minutes to complete. 

NACE FAMILY FUN FEST: 13 Days to the Big Community Event! It’s on November 11, 2017 and will be located again at Smithville Christian High School. 

All you can eat breakfast begins at 7:30 – 9:30 (eggs, bacon, sausage, pancakes, home fries, and more…). Rooms open at 9:00 – 2:00. Come meet Paw Patrol from 10:00 – 12:00. Lunch 11:30 –1:30 (fries, croquettes, onion rings, caesar salad, chicken caesar wraps, boerenkoel, pork on a bun, chili and more…). Snack Shack is open at 6:00 – 8:30 (croquettes, fish and chips, boerenkoel, beef on a bun, nachos and cheese, veggie trays, mini pizza…). Live auction begins at 7:00 sharp. We will be in contact with you for food donations, we hope you can help us out!! URNS – will be available again this year. $65.00 for the 1st and $60.00 for additional ones. More details will be coming on how to order. 

Please pray for the committee as they are in the last final stages of planning. Pray that everything may go well. If you have any questions or have donations and we haven’t contacted you yet, please contact Elaine Van Hoorn @ 905-562-8299 or by email at elaine@vanhoorns.ca. We love and value your support. Thank you! 

IDOP 2017 - November 5 & 12 have been designated the International Day of Prayer for the persecuted church. Join with Christians worldwide to pray for persecuted and suffering believers in Jesus Christ. "Continue to remember those in prison as if you were together with them in prison, and those who are mistreated as if you yourselves were suffering" (Hebrews 13:3). Check out Voice of the Martyrs: http://www.persecution.com/the Office of Social Justice: justice.crcna.org/religious-persecution, or another site committed to praying for our sisters and brothers around the globe. 

Understanding Financial Hardship: On Sunday November 12 at 7:00pm, you're invited to attend a local learning presentation addressing key topics for strengthening church benevolence ministry. It seeks to equip church leaders/deacons, but also members of churches who have found themselves walking alongside a family member or friend that is struggling financially. It is also helpful for those struggling themselves. It will be led by Anja Attema, retired financial advisor with a passion for helping the vulnerable, both locally and globally, and hosted in the lounge of Smithville Christian High School (6488 Smithville Rd, Smithville). Take advantage of this learning opportunity and plan to attend! 

WE NEED YOUR HANDS: EduDeo Ministries is still looking for members to join the Open HANDS team to Nicaragua on November 13-23, 2017. We need to send this team to begin a school construction project in San Rafael del Sur. If you are interested and available to join us, please contact Karla-Maria at 905.387.9927 or kponce@edudeo.com

Healing the Wounds of Trauma: How the Church Can Help- Trauma healing equipping session at Meadowlands Fellowship CRC, Ancaster from November 15-17; 8:30am-5pm. Cost $150; includes lunch. Go to the website to register; https://www.eventbrite.com/e/initial-trauma-healing-equipping-session-tickets-37452615782. 

"You're Invited”: Upper Deck Youth Centre is hosting a viewing of "Over 18", a documentary that examines the effects of porn on kids, youth, parents, and porn stars. It also highlights the story of Joseph, at 13 year old boy who was addicted to pornography. We are showing this video on Saturday November 18 at the Upper Deck. The evening will begin at 7pm and will include refreshments. This event is geared to ALL parents, youth leaders/pastors, pastors and youth. We recommend that youth be at least 16 years old or if younger they MUST attend with a parent. For more information about the evening email stephanie.v@yfclincoln.com.For more info about film visit www.over18doc.com" 

Rose Cottage Visiting Volunteers presents: VON Niagara’s FREE 4-Part Caregiver Education Series: “From Strength to Strength” at Mountainview CRC. Thursdays Nov. 2 & 16, and Dec. 7; 1:30-3:00pm. Do you want to learn about managing stress, staying on top of your responsibilities, tackling common emotions of guilt and anger, linking to community resources? Register, or for more information contact Rose Cottage Visiting Volunteers: 905-309-5071; Email info.rcvv@gmail.com OR Miriam Cahn at the VON: 905-523-1055 x408; Email miriam.cahn@von.ca. 

MULLY - IN ROSE CITY KIDS THEATRE! PLAYING NOVEMBER 18 @ 7:00 pm: 99 East Main street, Welland. (Free event-free parking on streets and across the road @ city hall/court house) Recommended ages: 10 and up (100 minutes) "MULLY is a stunning and poignant microcosm of the Kingdom of God. In Him, we are transformed from orphans to sons and daughters, just as Charles Mully has transformed thousands of street-bound orphans into a vibrant, flourishing family. His story, brilliantly captured in this film, will move and encourage you. Run, don’t walk, to see this film!” 

Poetry Readings - The Canada Council for the Arts, the Hamilton Poetry Centre and Redeemer are pleased to bring a number of poets to our campus: November 23 - Rob Taylor - Everyone is welcome to attend these readings. More information at www.redeemer.ca/events. 

LIBERTAS Male Choir presents - Sounds of the Season Christmas concert series with special guests from the Netherlands. Martin Mans, director; Martin Zonnenberg, organist; Barend Wiltjer, tenor. Nov. 29 at 7:30 p.m, Knox Presbyterian Church, 59 Riddel Street, Woodstock; Nov. 30 at 7:30 p.m. Georgetown Christian Reformed Church, 11611 Trafalgar Road, Georgetown; Dec.1 at 7:30 p.m. St. Andrews Presbyterian Church, 47 Owen Street, Barrie; Dec. 2 at 7:30p.m., Redeemer University College, 777 Garner Rd E, Ancaster. For more information and tickets go to www.libertasvoices.com, e-mail info@libertasvoices.com or call 905.522.0001. Adults: $20, Youth (10-14) $10, children under 10 free. 

Alcohol or drugs in your family or social circles? Get educated before you try to “fix” it. Visit us at www.familyoutreachontario.com, email us info@familyoutreachontario.com or call 1888-809-0464. 

Kids Corner, the children’s ministry of ReFrame Media, is working to create Kids in Action, a series of fun, fast-paced, five-minute videos that tell stories of kids and teens doing God’s work in the world — and they’re looking for kids to feature. View a trailer. “The Kids in Action stories will be about elementary school-age children and high school-age teens who have a passion and talent they want to explore and share as they find their role in God’s story,” said Ron VandenBurg, producer and writer of the series. “Their story is part of God’s story.” Because the film crew, headed by videographer and editor Michael Earls, lives in Ontario, Canada, the pilot series will feature stories from within the province. However, VandenBurg noted, “We hope that our circle will widen as we meet new nominated children, teens, and their families.” Nominations are open for future stories. Anyone—family members, teachers, church friends, or mentors—may nominate young people who are serving God in active and interesting ways — and please note: Parental consent is required before sending in the information

Stonehouse-Whitcomb Funeral Home, Rose Cottage Visiting Volunteers, McNally House and Local Area Churches Invite you to a Community Event......A special Holiday Memorial Service for those who have experienced a recent loss. Trinity United Church; 100 Main StreetWest, Grimsby. Sunday, December 3rd, 2017 at 3:00 pm. To ensure that the name of your loved one is included in the Order of Service,please RSVP By November 24th to register by calling 905-945-2755. All are Welcome. Donations of unwrapped toys or non- perishable food items are welcomed. 


Indwell is currently recruiting a part-time Information Technology Technician to work in Hamilton, Simcoe and Woodstock. Application information to join Indwell’s dedicated team can be found at indwell.ca/get-involved/careers. 

The CRCNA – is looking for a Director of Advancement in Canada as well as a Development Intern. Please visit: www.crcna.org/jobs to complete an online application, attaching a current resume and cover letter, by November 10, 2017 or November 1, 2017 respectively. 

Position Opening in Tanzania! - Are you experienced in community development and interested in working and serving in Tanzania? World Renew, an agency of the CRCNA, has a full time opening for a Program Consultant in Mwanza, Tanzania. Please visit our website at www.worldrenew.net/careers for more information; to apply, submit your current resume, a cover letter indicating your relevant skills and experience and complete the application questions. Application deadline is November 13, 2017. 

SHALOM MANOR JOB OPPORTUNITY – Personal Support Workers and Registered Nurses we need you! Are you, or someone you know, a PSW or RN with a passion for caring for seniors? We presently have casual and part-time PSW positions and casual RN positions. If you think you might be interested in becoming part of the nursing team at Shalom Manor, contact Lauren Gibson, Payroll & HR Administrator at payroll@shalommanor.ca, or via fax at 905-945-1211. We look forward to you joining our team! 

NACE is STILL looking for bus drivers!! If you have had your ‘B’ class drivers license for at least 3 years, have a clean driving record, are able to pass a vulnerable sector check, and relate well with K-12 aged kids, consider driving the Welland-Smithville or Binbrook-Smithville routes. Contact Kevin Huinink, Executive Director, NACE: khuinink@nace.ca or 905-643-2460/905-957-7796 for more details. 

President Search - The search for Redeemer's fourth president is underway. The university needs a bold, decisive leader with a well-articulated vision that will ensure a healthy future for the institution. Learn more about this exciting opportunity at www.redeemer.ca/president-search. 

Volunteers Needed – Preparing mailings, packing boxes of the Banner or Today, sending out bulletin covers and study materials makes the Christian Reformed Church office and warehouse a busy place. If you’re interested in joining the CRCNA team in Grimsby at our temporary warehouse as an occasional warehouse volunteer, please contact us at 905-336-2920. and ask for ext 4229. We will also need some additional help when we move back to Burlington, later this year. 


November 5th A.M. – World Renew, World Hunger: Families living in poverty face many barriers. Lack of access to clean water, healthcare, and resources to generate income keep families in a cycle of poverty and hunger that impacts generation after generation. Through your congregation’s participation in World Hunger Sunday those facing hunger and poverty are encouraged to learn ways to improve their lives and write a new story that is filled with hope and promise. World Renew invites you to join us in changing the story. Please give generously of your time, prayers, talents, and financial gifts to bless others. World Renew will use your gifts to combat poverty, disaster, and injustice around the world in Jesus’ name. 

P.M. – Seafarers Ministry in Montreal: This ministry is carried out by chaplains in the port of Montreal. Some work has been done in the port of Halifax. Chaplains make on board visits on various ships and conduct chapel services at the centre. They reach out to the crews and officers of these ships bringing them the gospel (52 different Bible language versions of the “Jesus” video). This ministry reaches out to the lost and gives them hope that they bring back to their native lands. 

November 12th A.M. – Back to God Ministries International: Back to God Ministries International is the media ministry of the CRCNA. It proclaims the gospel of Jesus Christ through indigenous teams in people’s “heart languages” using the web, radio, television, phone, print, and other media. It opens doors for salvation and discipleship, broadcasting the gospel in otherwise closed regions. BTGMI aired its first radio program in 1939. Today, we are reaching people in almost 200 countries and 10 major languages: Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Hindi, Indonesian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish. 

P.M. – Redeemer University College: is a Christian undergraduate university offering programs leading to Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Education degrees. From its Hamilton, Ontario campus, Redeemer has prepared graduating classes — the next generation of Christian leaders — for more than 30 years. Redeemer students are being shaped by the Reformed Christian commitment to see faith woven through all aspects of learning and life. Across the world, from the classroom to the convocation stage to careers and churches, our faculty, students and alumni are making an impact. 

November 19th A.M. – Benevolence: Your contribution to the Benevolent Fund provides assistance for the needs of our church family and the local community. These include basic needs such as food, clothing, housing and schooling. As our church grows the needs within increase and become more varied. Please continue to support our ministry of benevolence. 

P.M. – Smithville Christian Highschool: is providing an authentically Christian education to teens from all over central Niagara. Smithville Christian High graduates are serving God and bringing shalom all over the world. Your gift will be used to keep tuition in check so that many families can have access to the exciting programs that enable our students to thrive. Thank-you for your part in keeping Christian education affordable at all levels. 

November 26th A.M. – Bible League of Canada: provides Scriptures and training worldwide, so people will be brought into relationship with Jesus Christ and His Church… because the world needs the Living Word of God more than anything else! Change, real change, happens from the inside out. When people come into a relationship with Jesus, they are transformed by the power of God’s Spirit. The Holy Spirit inspires new Christians to adopt and apply Biblical values to address their needs. Family, friends, whole communities experience this transformation! Adult Bible-based literacy, Church planter training, Children’s Ministry Programs and support for persecuted Christians are the programs we use to deliver the Living Word of God in 43 countries. By God’s grace, the eternal Living Word impacts generations to come. THANK YOU for your support. 

P.M. – Crossroad Prison Ministries: Crossroads is Canada's leader in providing faith and values media content for people of all ages. 100 Huntley Street, the flagship television program of CCCI was founded by Rev. David Mainse and is the longest running daily Christian television program in Canada. Crossroads provides relevant messages of faith and inspiration for millions of Canadians and has done so for nearly 50 years. Its mission is to convey the unchanging message of God's love to people around the world. Crossroads interacts with its viewers via 24/7 prayer lines, and it has also been a highly respected and effective not-for-profit aid agency for over 25 years, having responded in times of natural disaster worldwide, raising funds and partnering with on-site, non-government organizations for emergency relief and long-term rebuilding strategies. 

Peter Van Geest