Before Service

1 Blue Screen songs for mac 2

2 Cameras on

3 Check monitors for singers with ipad

4 Check presets for camera

5 Laptop setup for First Look

6 MountainPreview on Mac 1 and 2

7 Start timer for Preview

8 Schedule Slideshow/Preview to start 9:30 and 9:58

9 turn tv's on they turn on automatically at 9 but should be checked

10 Check words with praise team

11 DVD's in recorders 10 only

12 Pastors Mic

13 Steaming Start at 9:50

14 check live stream

15 Start Recording when Preview Starts DVD/SD card

During Service

1 Record Audio of the message

2 Get sides ready for after service

3 Put Labels on DVD envelopes


After Service

Run slides for after service

Stop all recordings

Upload service to Vimeo

Edit video just message upload to Youtube

Put audio for message on One Drive

Finalize DVD's

Change Embed code for next service from youtube


Close Ups

Cannon HF G20

Wide shot of praise team

Wide Shot of stage during pastor speaking

Wide shot of whole church for at the end of songs

Wide Shot of lecturn 

Cannon HF G40

Head to toe of praise team singers

Head to toe of Pastor

Head to toe of lecturn