Offering Schedule for April 2019


April 7th A.M. – World Renew – Refugee Sunday Refugees live in exile, in danger and are some of the world’s most vulnerable; they need your support, compassion and interest. There are more than 51 million refugees worldwide. Currently World Renew is responding to the needs of Rohingya, South Sudanese, and Syrian refugees in Bangladesh, Uganda, Lebanon and Syria respectively. Stand with refugees! The worldwide church is called to respond to the plight of refugees. Your contributions are a meaningful way to demonstrate Christ’s love to those in need.

P.M. – Resonate Global Mission:  is continuing their partnership with churches in the United States and Canada to plant churches, do campus ministry, train and equip pastors, and develop future leaders. They will also continue to send missionaries overseas, proclaiming the Gospel, and forging lasting partnerships. In addition to this ongoing work, they are tackling new opportunities for ministry. Here in North America, we need experience in international ministry to help churches effectively reach across cultural barriers and forge partnerships within new communities of faith. In other nations, we need expertise in church planting and campus ministry to help people in every nation discover God’s plan for their church, community, and life. With your prayers and financial support, as a single agency we will be able to equip all our churches for ministry and join together with what God is already doing around the world.

April 14th A.M. – Christian Education Week – Niagara Association for Christian Education (NACE)Covenant Christian School in Smithville and John Knox Christian School in Stoney Creek work to inspire students to love, learn, and lead together in God's world. This offering provides vital support in achieving this mission, enabling students and families the opportunity to access an amazing Christian Education, and communicates our love for their students.

P.M. – Smithville Christian High School:  is providing an authentically Christian education to teens from all over central Niagara.  Smithville Christian High graduates are serving God and bringing shalom all over the world.  Your gift will be used to keep tuition in check so that many families can have access to the exciting programs that enable our students to thrive.  Thank-you for your part in keeping Christian education affordable at all levels.


April 19th A.M. – Good Friday – Grimsby Life Centre is a ministry that is committed to providing help for the physical, social, and mental well-being of those in crisis. This loving care is demonstrated through on-going counseling, support and care. All services are free and confidential, and we depend solely on donations from individuals, churches, businesses, and fund-raising events. Thank-you for your support and prayers.

April 21st A.M. – Easter – Benevolence: Your contribution to the Benevolent Fund provides assistance for the needs of our church family and the local community. These include basic needs such as food, clothing, housing and schooling. A church and community of our size has many varied needs within it. Please support our work.

P.M. – No Service; Easter Weekend

April 28th A.M. – GEMS Sunday – GEMS: GEMS stands for Girls Everywhere Meeting the Saviour and is a relationship building club which was established more than 40 years ago. The ministry of GEMS continues with the purpose of bringing girls into a living relationship with the Lord. This is done through bible study, singing, crafts, games, and fun outings with dedicated counsellors and junior counsellors. Your donations help us to mentor and nurture girls in our church and surrounding community, in their walk with God.

P.M. – Jews for Jesus CANADA is a Jewish evangelistic agency dedicated to bringing the Gospel into places where a significantly Jewish testimony is needed. Jews for Jesus began as a result of the outpouring of the Holy Spirit in the United States circ. 1968-1973. In theology we are not innovative but represent mainline evangelical thought and preach the historic gospel upon which all true Christians agree. Our front-line missionaries are Jewish and are ordained or commissioned by their own churches and approved to our ministry. Educational requirements are strict and most of our missionaries are at or near the Master's level in theology or missions education.

Karin Terpstra