Offering Schedule for March 2019

MARCH 2019

March 3rd A.M. – World Renew – Canadian Food Grains Bank was formed by a diverse group of church-based agencies in 1983 and has been doing all kinds of work trying to end hunger. In that time, over 1 million metric tons of grain has been shipped, lots of families have gotten food, other people have received agricultural support, many communities have improved their access to water and nutrition, restrictive policies have been changed, and people have been educated about the root causes of hunger.  That’s a lot of positive change over the years!  Please give generously to help end hunger.

P.M. – CRCNA Special Assistance Fund:  (Administered by the Ministers’ Pension Fund as agent for CRCNA) – Provides special assistance primarily for financial emergencies for retired ministers

March 10th A.M. – EMI – Team Wassenaar serving in Phnom Penh, Cambodia: EMI is a nonprofit Christian development organization made up of various technical professionals who use their skills to serve the least reached worldwide. We design hospitals, schools, water systems, and many other facilities that enable our Christian ministry partners to fulfill their calling and transform their communities. Together we are designing a world of hope. Stay in touch:;, or check out their blog:

P.M. – Benevolence: Your contribution to the Benevolent Fund provides assistance for the needs of our church family and the local community. These include basic needs such as food, clothing, housing and schooling. A church and community of our size has many varied needs within it. Please support our work.


March 17th A.M. – Calvin Theological Seminary provides theological training for ordained and un-ordained ministry positions for Christian Reformed Churches in North America as well as leaders for Christ’s church around the world.  They also evaluate candidates for ministry, offer continuing education for pastors, and seminars for office bearers.  Calvin Theological Seminary advises synod and is a theological resource for all denominational agencies and churches.

P.M. – Upper Deck Ministry – Vineland is a Youth Centre which seeks to reach out to the youth of our community. Its purpose is to provide a place where community young people can find practical life care and refuge and be introduced to relationships with Christian adults. Our hope is that through these friendships, some would desire a relationship with Jesus Christ and learn to walk with Him! Please give generously to this local cause.

March 24th A.M. – Shalom Manor & Gardens is a special Christian, non-profit long-term care home and retirement centre, serving seniors mostly of Dutch descent who belong to the community of Reformed faiths. Limited government funding does not allow the services our seniors require that meet our expectations and standards. Your gifts will enhance immediate resident care, programs, and debt load. 

P.M. – Niagara Christian Gleaners is an Interdenominational Christian organization that seeks to visibly demonstrate God’s love and grace by working with volunteers to collect, process, and make available surplus agricultural produce for the relief of the hungry in overseas nations. The Niagara Gleaners are the newest branch of the Ontario Gleaners, set up in 2018 in a new facility in Smithville. Your donations help us to engage locally to impact globally in our ministry of mercy.


March 31st  A.M. – Redeemer University College is a Christian undergraduate university offering programs leading to Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Education degrees. From its Hamilton, Ontario campus, Redeemer has prepared graduating classes - the next generation of Christian leaders - for 30+ years. Redeemer students are being shaped by the Reformed Christian commitment to see faith woven through all aspects of learning and life. Across the world, from the classroom to the convocation stage to careers and churches, our faculty, students and alumni are making an impact.

P.M. – Back to God Ministries International is the media ministry of the CRCNA. It proclaims the gospel of Jesus Christ through indigenous teams in people’s “heart languages” using the web, radio, television, phone, print (including the Today devotional), and other media. It opens doors for salvation and discipleship, broadcasting the gospel in otherwise closed regions. BTGMI aired its first radio program in 1939. Today, we are reaching people in almost 200 countries and 10 major languages: Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Hindi, Indonesian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish.

Karin Terpstra