Offering Schedule for July 2019


July 7th A.M. – World Renew envisions a world where people experience and extend Christ's compassion and live together in hope as God's community. Compelled by God’s deep passion for justice & mercy, we join communities around the world to renew hope, reconcile lives, and restore creation. World Renew's worldwide ministry is three-fold:   Community Development, Disaster Response & Rehabilitation, and Peace & Justice.

P.M. – Crossroads Prison Ministries catalyzes Christ-centered mentoring relationships between people in prison and volunteers from churches throughout the world. The relationships formed through studying the Bible together and exchanging letters transform both those inside and outside prison walls. For those who are locked up, experiencing the love of a mentor is metamorphic, providing a vivid picture of the unconditional love of Jesus. Volunteers are transformed as well, discovering renewed purpose and excitement as they make a difference in the life of someone previously thought to be discardable. Through a relationship with Jesus Christ and the loving example of their mentors, Crossroads students can become agents of hope and change within correctional facilities. As these same leaders are released back into their communities, they bring positive change and revival to the churches that receive them. And those who will never be released are providing a foundation on which the church inside prison walls is built.

July 14th A.M. – Benevolence: Your contribution to Mountainview’s Benevolence Fund provides assistance for the needs of our church family and the local community. These include basic needs such as food, clothing, housing and schooling. A church and community of our size has many varied needs within it. Please continue to support our ministry of benevolence.

P.M.– Gideon’s International Canada (ShareWord Global) works to ignite and fuel a passion in people's hearts to share the gospel. We’re training, equipping, and mobilizing believers—gathering people together who share a passion to get God’s Word out, to change lives through the message of Jesus Christ. While we are often recognized for our work with hotels, we also place and distribute Scriptures in strategic locations so they are available to those who want them, as well as to those who may not know they need them. In our own nation, we do that through our volunteer membership, church partners, and SendMe youth and young adults. The local church is important to us. We’re strategic to partner with like-minded ministries, in Canada and all our key regions around the globe.


July 21st A.M. – Resonate Global Missions is continuing their partnership with churches in Canada and in the United States to plant churches, do campus ministry, train and equip pastors, and develop future leaders. They also continue to send missionaries overseas, proclaiming the Gospel, and forging lasting partnerships. In addition to this ongoing work, they are tackling new opportunities for ministry. Here in North America, we need experience in international ministry to help churches effectively reach across cultural barriers and forge partnerships within new communities of faith. In other nations, we need expertise in church planting and campus ministry to help people in every nation discover God’s plan for their church, community, and life. With your prayers and financial support, as a single agency we will be able to equip all our churches for ministry and join together with what God is already doing around the world.

P.M. – Right to Life – St. Catharines: The St. Catharines Right to Life Association Inc. is a registered non-profit, non-political charitable organization that promotes respect for human life from conception to natural death through education. We provide information on pre-natal life, abortionassisted suicide, euthanasia and related life issues. We support only peaceful means to uphold the right to life. 

July 28th A.M. – Classical Ministry Shares:  There is value to sharing and working together. Not only is it more efficient than doing it on our own, but we can often do more and stretch our dollars further when we pool our resources. This is something that the Christian Reformed Church has known for a long time. Since its earliest days, the CRC has encouraged congregations and members to combine their funds in order to provide shared ministry that benefits us all. This system is called ministry shares and is a stewardly and cost-effective way of providing a solid foundation for our denomination.

P.M. –Beginnings: is a crisis pregnancy counseling agency.  They serve individuals for whom the birth of a child looms as a crisis, regardless of race, religion, or financial resources.  Beginning is also a full-service adoption agency licensed to process adoptions.  Their trained counselors can help you sort out your situation and options.  They provide warm, caring, and personal attention.

Karin Terpstra