Happy Thanksgiving! 

Thanksgiving weekend has a way of sneaking up on us. This feast is usually associated with fall season, but the weather around these parts are still trying to convince us that it is summer. Even though the days are getting shorter, temperatures have remained above seasonal norms. We’ve had a wonderfully warm autumn with a lot of morning dew, but little frost. Trees are beginning to lose their leaves but without the colorful splash that we’ve seen in years past. Still, families will gather, turkeys will be carved, potatoes will be passed and pumpkins will be pied while many give thanks for the bounty many Canadians share in. Ever since we were children, it has been ingrained in us to give thanks. When someone gives you something, you make sure you say thank you. And even if it is only once a year, it’s good to be reminded that our blessings do come from someone and it would not hurt to throw up a prayer of gratitude to a greater being, and give thanks. But followers of Jesus know that the direction of gratitude changes the more mature we become. We realize that thanksgiving becomes a way of living and giving, a life style, where we find opportunities to reach out and bless. It’s who we are and It’s what we do. It’s one of the reasons that Mountainview has adopted Gratitude as one of its five values that motivate our mission and drive our ministries. We recognize that it is out of God’s generosity and Christ’s grace that we too are able to give. We are grateful for the work of our deacons and the brown paper bags they’ve placed in our mailslots, to fill with food items that will stock the shelves of Grimsby Life Center, so that we in turn are able to give. On this thanksgiving may your actions bless the hearts of others as you not only give thanks in receiving, but find greater joy in thanks giving. Pastor Sid

Peter Van Geest