Christmas Lights


The mild weather helped pull out my Christmas lights on the top shelf in the garage. In some ways it feels like I just got finished putting them up there. Another strand of icicles are only half lit. More bulbs needed to be replaced. My strands are now “old fashioned”. One neighbour already has their entire display lit up. Once again, its time to attack the darkness by plugging in the lights. There are many who leave home in the dark and come home in the same. The month of December is such a nice attack on the dark. Windows are trimmed in white and trees are colored in red, yellow, green and blue. Lasers now swirl entire front walls. Porch lights are turned red and green flood lights planted underneath trees. Entire neighborhoods and communities work to attack the darkness during the month of December, dancing in all the creative light. It’s the same kind of thinking that God seemed to have in sending his Son. He too came attacking the darkness. He too showed himself to be this world’s greatest light. He too came recreating scene one of that first act of creation, when God said; “Let there be light.” I’m probably reading a little more into putting lights on gables and underneath the eaves. But it tends to encourage me up and down ladders, help me hold on to overhangs, assist me to slip underneath shingles and wrap downspouts. Best of plans has me installing when temperatures are still above zero. The reward happens each time again when we sneak up on the night and surprise the darkness with one cord plugged into the power, shocking the entire neighborhood with light! The story of the angels visiting the shepherds has a similar kind of excitement, only amplified terrestrial fold. Putting up lights, reminds us how the Lord attacked the darkness by gifting us with his son as an infant so many years ago. 

Peter Van Geest